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WIKI: Jana Kramer was born on December 2, 1983 in Detroit, Michigan, USA as Jana Rae Kramer.

Jana Kramer began a country music career in 2012 with the single "Why Ya Wanna", from her self-titled debut album for Elektra Records.

In August 2014, Kramer began dating Washington Redskins tight end Mike Caussin. They became engaged in December 2014 and got married on May 22, 2015

Jana Kramer was previously married to Johnathon Schaech and Michael Gambino.

Astrology wiki JANA KRAMER horoscope major themes analysis

Sun in Sagittarius meaning: this position of the Sun emphasizes interaction through social, humanitarian, or political enterprises. You perhaps sense that the foundation of your existence is somehow connected to the larger group's.
Wiki Jana Kramer Natal Horoscope Reading

If you attain recognition for your group activities, you may play an important role or exercise some far reaching influence in an organization.

The type of organization will depend on the zodiac sign the Sun is in and its aspects within the overall chart structure.

You like to be friendly, but not possessive, towards other people.

Care should be taken that you do not identify too strongly with a group whose philosophy is characteristically dogmatic; otherwise, you will completely lose your independence.

Moon in Scorpio, X House meaning: In many respects, Scorpio is the most powerful and intense sign of the zodiac.

A lunar position here indicates an deep, secretive, and highly emotional disposition. Such a combination is quite enigmatic, since lunar feelings are not easily expressed in this intense, transformative sign.

Hence, a Scorpio Moon is not generally regarded as harmonious and is referred to as a fall position. As a child, there were probably often a lot of experiences that were frightening to you and are emphasized in your highly strung nature.

The tenth house has much to do with your activities in the outer world, as distinct from your domestic life. For many, this involves a career in some prominent or influential position.

With the Moon positioned here, you are likely to be emotionally involved in your career or public activities. As such, you like to make a favorable impression on the public. Any fame may be short- or long-lived, but either way there will not be much of a private life.

Your feelings about people in authority or prominence will be reflected in much the same way that the Moon is well or poorly aspected.

Venus in Libra meaning: You may be spared the endless analysis of religious and philosophical subjects because you possess the ability to attain happiness and contentment through the way you view life.

You find it uncomfortable to project anything unpleasant into this area. Your perception of God is often a reflection of the age of your soul. Perhaps you are professionally involved in an area that relates to teaching or the use of educational concepts.

Your interest in a topic is easily transferred to your audience because you easily find glowing terms to describe what interests you. If you are involved in creative writing or art, your creations will say much about your philosophy and the way that you view life.