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Wiki: Hailey Baldwin (born on November 22, 1996) is an American model. She is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin, and niece of Alec Baldwin.

Hailey Baldwin has modeled for Love magazine and Tatler magazine. She has recently been spotted hanging out with singer Justin Bieber.

Celebrities Astrology: Hailey Baldwin natal horoscope interpretation

Sun-Moon-Saturn 12th Harmonic  (12=3x4)

You like to isolate yourself sometimes, and often you feel uncomfortable in a large group of people. Work or activities that demand quiet and solitude suit you well, but be careful not to avoid people at inappropriate times, and be careful to make sure that friends, loved ones, and even acquaintances, do not feel that you are avoiding them or are cold to them.
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Sun-Saturn-Uranus 6th Harmonic   (6=3x2)

You enjoy restructuring the way things are done. You are a reformer, perhaps even a rebel. You are frustrated by organizations that are unwilling to adapt, evolve, and change. Be sure that you have studied a situation carefully before attempting to reform it.

Moon-Venus-Uranus 4th Harmonic

You enjoy lively music and dance. You have a good sense of rhythm and probably you have an infectious laugh.

You enjoy jokes and tricks. It is likely that you will fall in, and out of, love several times before "settling down" with one person, so it may be best if you do not marry to early in life.

Although you are romantic, you do not like to feel smothered or too restricted by your partner.

Mercury Conjunct Venus/Neptune 0 deg 13 min
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You can be successful in an artistic area. Your great imagination and ability to understand and formulate artistic ideas are big assets. You also are good at interpreting and understanding fictional literature and poetry.

Mars Opposition Moon/Neptune 0 deg 52 min

It is important for you to be creative, to make imaginative things, and do something that employs your sensitivity and imagination. Rather than do things the same old way, let your imagination dream up a more beautiful or unusual style.

Sometimes you may feel that your ideas are weird or simply will not turn out well, but with care and attention they can be the most rewarding activities that you engage in, both for yourself and others.

Venus-Mars-Neptune 46th Harmonic  (46=23x2)

You are very idealistic and dreamy in romantic affairs, and inclined to be disappointed when you gradually awaken from the dream. Still, it is not impossible that you can meet the person who is just right for you. You are also artistic, creative, and imaginative.