Astro Wiki: Ana Braga natal horoscope chart reading - a highly ethical person with a serious view of life

Wiki: Ana Braga (Date of Birth: 12.06.1981) is a mix of Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish ancestry.
  • Ana Braga Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Ana Braga Hair Color: Blonde
  • Ana Braga Eye Color: Brown
  • Ana Braga Measurements: (US) 32D-24-33
  • Ana Braga Height: (US) 5 7.5
  • Ana Braga Dress Size: (US) 0
  • Ana Braga Shoe Size: (US) '7
She described her personality as “fun, funny, creative, tenacious, loyal and impatient.” She is now an American citizen.

Ana Braga is a certified Pilates instructor. She stays in shape by not smoking, staying away from drugs, drinking in moderation and wearing sunscreen.
Ana Braga natal horoscope chart reading

Her hobbies include reading, writing, shopping and working out.

Celebrity Astrology Zone: Ana Braga natal horoscope forecast

 A score above 150 is very high.
 A score from 125 to 150 is above average.
 A score of around 100 (75 to 125) is average.
 A score from 50 to 75 is below average.
 A score below 50 is very low.

Ana Braga personality horoscope scores
  • Logic, technical detail, mental concentration, research:  137
  • Philosophy, politics, education, religion: 102
  • Psychology, anthropology, humanities, literature:         192
  • Poetry, fantasy, fiction:                                 92
  • Originality and inventiveness:                            34
  • Argumentativeness and aggressive in speech. Decisive and impatient: 58
  • Romantic. Need for a mate. Inclination to fall deeply in love:      146
  • Nurturing, family-oriented, domestic, devotional, supportive:       149
  • Emotional reserve and aloofness. Personal detachment, seriousness:  75
  • Child-like exuberance, lightness of mood, and sense of humor:       90
  • Impatience, tendency to anger. Fiesty, headstrong, aggressive:      31
  • Diligent, patient effort. Ability to successfully finish tasks:     126
  • Dynamic energy, zeal, bursts of energy. Loves excitement and thrills. Action-oriented:  51
  • Sacrificing, passive, non-aggressive, non-competitive, cooperative, perhaps evasive:  90
  • Loyalty to friends, family, spouse. Intensity of bonding: 84
  • Gregarious, convivial, warm, friendly, outgoing, talkative, need to socialize:  194
  • Need for solitude, quiet, retreat:                        68
  • Need to be part of an organization, company, or club. Contributor to group effort:  44
  • Need to receive recognition, attention, status, encouragement, stand out or be a leader:  89
  • Independent. Difficulty following orders and regulations. Loner. Follows own instincts:  11
  • Stubborn, inflexible, tenacious, regular, predictable. Dislikes changes in routine. Specialist:  44
  • Flexible and adaptable. Need for variety. Tendency to be indecisive. Eclectic:  200
  • Expansive. Need to travel and explore. Love of adventure: 132
  • Sense of duty and obligation. Conscience and guilt:       92
Harmonic Highlights Horoscope Report for Ana Braga

Mercury 5th harmonic (biquintile) Uranus, strong    (Orb: 1 Deg 43 Min):

You have an unusually creative mind, and you need outlets for your open-minded approach to life. You tend to be successful in an environment where products or services are being developed or ingenuity is required.

You adapt well to new ideas and you are able to identify potential in a new idea while others may overlook it because it does not fit into their preconceived notions. You have an ability to enjoy clever ideas, whether they are new gadgets, or technology, a fresh approach in arts or music, or any other area, without being burdened by your personal responsibilities.

While others have excuses, like not having enough available time to learn something new, you avail yourself of the oppportunity to experience new things.

Sun 7th harmonic (triseptile) Uranus, strong    (Orb: 1 Deg 17 Min):

You are likely to have a love-hate relationship with any area of your life that requires discipline, study, and mastery.

Sometimes you actually feel more freedom of expression through practice and discipline and you can become almost fanatically obsessed with perfecting your technique, whether it is a golf swing, musical expression or some other interest.

However, if the discipline cramps your style and creativity, you rebel against it. You are able to successfully incorporate ancient, classical, and mystical components into projects to produce a successful result.

Moon 5th harmonic (biquintile) Mars  (Orb: 2 Deg 24 Min):

For you competition is great fun. You want to win, but even more than winning, you appreciate a competitor who forces you to improve your "game" and to develop creative strategies to win.

You love the competition and you love the celebration that follows if you are victorious. You are most compatible with people who find challenges enjoyable and entertaining. For you play is like work to others, and your work is like play.