AQUARIUS TAROT CARD READING 2016: Three of Wands - more challenging but better rewardable level of income


Three of Wands First meaning: To begin a new adventure or a project that requires pre-planning and preparation; to take a long view of all the required matter from a high level; Third of Wands card tells you that now is the time to accept your vision and be confident that you will achieve it, but you must be ready to face whatever comes in your way, you have to pre-plan everything before you enter into the project.

The three of Wands is also a tarot card of exploration. Compare this card's figure to the Fool who is also on a cliff edge. The Fool steps out in innocence, not realizing he is going to fall to his fate.

The adventurer on the three of Wands is also willing to step out, but with full awareness of what he is doing
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His courage is more informed, if less spontaneous, and he had been glorious in his past endeavours, he had won contests and competitions from his enemies and competitors and had obtained fame, pride, prestige, and rewards.

Aquarius 2016 Tarot cards free oracle The three of Wands encourages you to move fearlessly into new areas. Let the ships on your horizon take you far out into unknown seas.

If you have an interesting, suitable idea concluding a new endeavour or any project, you can shape this idea into the desired project you are interested in, although you must pre-plan and equip yourself with the required tools and things, you must have a written plan about how much resources you have to complete the project.

One looks at his business, company, project, from a very high level and handles them with precision and strategy to prevent any loss or irreparable damage.

This is a tarot card of vision and foresight - looking for greater possibilities. This card asks you to be a visionary - to dream beyond current limitations and shape the useful dreams with passion into new projects or objects.

Aquarius 2016 Tarot forecast - Three of Wands Second meaning: One individual who has passed through all the contests and has won the final and most prestigious award; a victorious human being.

He is now looking at his affairs or the worldly matters from a very high level and height. He has equipped himself with newer knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Finally after numerous of tough competitions and fights, this man is ready for sailing into a new and an unknown continent or an unknown future to find newer sources of heroism, glory, profit, income, wealth, property, relationships, projects, and everything new; although all these rewards exist in a far away continent or a far place where this man is preparing to departure.

Three of Wands Third meaning: A transition from one successful phase, place, or level into a higher unexperienced phase, place, or a level of business, competition, standard in a school, a higher level of education, or more challenging but better rewardable level of income.

One who is aware of unknown profit making sources and is preparing to engage with them to find new source of profit and wealth.

Three of Wands Fourth meaning: To open up for newer ideas, imagination, thoughts, and creative energy and becoming ready to shape them before they leave you in failure.

One who foresees the approaching chances or opportunities of profit and income and communicates or negotiates with them before it's too late; To be ready to deal or do business with the other party or income source as soon as they arrive, before it's too late.

One who watches at the income source and waits for them until they arrive within one's area and then before they leave the individual in a failure, the individual deals with them and grabs the offers, rewards, income, or a profit that they offer to him.

Aquarius 2016 Tarot cards predictions - Three of Wands indicates: Patience, Purpose, Energy to move in new directions. To travel across borders for career, business, or study. To create a successful enterprise. One who remains emotionally calm, yet mentally alert.

To prepare and make efforts to grab opportunities and lasting success before they leave the individual in a failure.

This is also the Card of Luck towards business and income. One has to know with the representation of the card's image, that the ship will come in, be more patient, and prepare for the negotiation and challenge.

If this is fulfilled, then troubles will soon be at an end and one will be successful in an endeavour he accomplished by putting intelligence, strength, luck, creativity, and effort.