2016 Aquarius Man Leo Woman harmony and compatibility HOROSCOPE: risk of financial hardship

Your 2016 Synastry Horoscope report reveals your areas of harmony and compatibility as well as your areas of tension and conflict. Hold in mind that human relationships are complex and contradictions can occur in the interpretation.

2016 Aquarius Man Leo Woman compatibility You channel tremendous amounts of energy into whatever you do together and have the ability to empower and transform one another.

Other people are attracted to your combined magnetism; you have the ability to influence others with gentle but firm persuasion.

Aquarius's strongest Quality is Mutable and Leo's strongest Quality is Fixed.

Relationships between Fixed and Mutable personalities are generally positive. Leo adds stability and constancy to Aquarius's life and he opens her up to the benefits of change and variety.

Problems can arise between you, however, if Leo is too resistant to change and Aquarius is negligent and inconsistent.

2016 Aquarius Man Leo Woman compatibility forecast Every day with Leo is play day. She knows how to inject some fun into your life and is constantly coming up with suggestions of things to do. If you have any creative or artistic leanings she may give you ideas or offer constructive criticism. You may have an interest in the same hobbies.
2016 Aquarius Man Leo Woman Horoscope Forecast

One of the pleasures Aquarius share with Leo is spending time together alone in quiet and restful surroundings.

Your joy is with each other away from the glare of spotlights and the influence of other people.

You delight in each other's company and privacy.
Aquarius man have an almost undeniable attraction to Leo. She wields a powerful influence over you and in your love-life there is great passion and intensity in your love-making. You may feel possessive towards one another. Your relationship never becomes stale and routine because it is constantly regenerating.

Money is an ongoing problem between you. He may try to control your joint finances, which can cause feelings of anxiety or resentment between you. 

There is a risk of financial hardship or getting into debt. Running a business together might not be a good idea.

2016 Aquarius Man Leo Woman harmony Horoscope Your family doesn't quite know what to make of Aquarius, but you don't mind. You're quite fascinated by him and interested to see where you end up together. 

His attitudes towards domestic and family arrangements tend to be unconventional and living with him may be somewhat perilous to your sense of domestic bliss.

As a couple, you can advance socially and materially. Negatively, there may be some problems with wastefulness and extravagance on the part of one partner. Philosophical differences are also likely.