SCORPIO TAROT CARD READING 2016: The Hermit - Check your deeds done in the past and correct them accordingly

2016 Scorpio Yearly TAROT card Life path Forecast

A hermit is a very merciful monk who has devoted his life to our lord Christ, and his entire time he gives to god through prayers and devotion. Just like the Hermit is, one has to become like him, an honest man.

It indicates quietness, silence, sympathy, isolation, selection, and evolution. One who has deep understanding and wise emotions, one who has loving kindness for those who are suffering, and one who guides others especially the weak and the challenged.

This can be a good time to meet new and exciting friends, implement some change, or simply try something new.

Your romance life can be enhanced through the dissolution of certain apprehensions.

There are invariably new opportunities for you to assert your individuality in new and exciting ways. It is as if certain restrictions of the past now seem to have dissolved.
2016 SCORPIO Tarot card  prediction forecast
2016 Yearly Tarot Reading

Your self-reliance and concern for humanity is higher than usual.

2016 Scorpio sign Tarot card horoscope Since you are somewhat impatient now with any form of restriction, disciplined work might prove difficult. This is a favorable period to think about your future and not your past.

The card teaches about giving of donation to those who are in need; those who have to feed themselves, believing in the lord, having mercy and pardon for all creatures, praising the rights and wisdom of others, and to learn and preach all the life-time,  leaving a wrong habit or work or anything evil, gaining experience and gaining wisdom just as the monks do, selecting right from wrong and good from evil and light from darkness, facing the evil and protecting oneself from it, to believe in the equity of all creatures before God and his justice, becoming a man full of wisdom and grace just as the Hermit would be. 

2016 SCORPIO Tarot card  prediction This card indicates: Mercy, Divine light, enlightenment, a silent victory of light over the darkness, opening of the soul's eyes finally towards the correct and final decision to lead oneself into a new beginning and to leave a wrong relationship once and for ever. 
To be tested like the Hermit, to improve skills, to complete education and the remaining exams. Performing penance for the sins or any special sin or any crime done in the past. 

One who gives light and guidance to others, protecting and preserving one's own culture and heritage, protecting the religious and family heritage, attaining peace and changing the personality into a very noble man with a noble heart; To become like the Hermit, to come into the place where Hermit stands. 

The Hermit Tarot card advises to walk into the way of knowledge, the path on which one walks and attains from smaller to a greater enlightenment, and the path on which a man gains his lost purity, glory and the prestige. 

2016 SCORPIO Yearly Tarot Reading To take a correct decision, correct step, to choose only the correct option and to find a correct way, and to preserve the truth. To become a strong person who lightens the life of others. One who makes a correct move. 

One who gets away from darkness and evil, to learn correct ways and habits of living meant for a noble individual, to have money for self human welfare and for the noble cause, to obey duties given by God, and to donate small amount of money to those who are in craving need for it, and to leave those worldly affairs which do not provide light but only darkness and evil. 

If you have a question on this card, watch the Hermit's image on this card and think about his life and personality. One who brings a modification in one's life accordingly. Evolution and testing are also the keys to bringing oneself closer to God. Check your deeds done in the past and correct them accordingly. 

Living a life not only of prayer but also of service to the entire community, a noble life for a noble cause.