May 2015 TRANSIT HOROSCOPE ORACLE for TAURUS: Personal and commercial business dealings are favored

Astrology Zone for Taurus: May 2015 Transit Forecast Report

Unless there are adverse transits, this combination can indicate a good opportunity for the realization of a personal desire.

However, as with any Jupiter transit, you have to take the initiative. Personal and commercial business dealings are favored, and you can negotiate to your advantage.

This also extends to legal matters, should they be prominent. Your enhanced physical energy may find release in some sporting activity

The effects of this transit could range from experiencing a lucky break to narrowly escaping from some disaster, depending upon whether your natal Uranus is well aspected or challenged.
may 2015 taurus transit horoscope chart forecast

May 2015 Taurus Horoscope Reading This is certainly a time to exercise some caution or patience regarding eccentric and willful behavior, rather than zestfully pursuing some lofty goal or ideal.

It is a time to try to achieve balance between your responsibilities and your need to break free.

It is a fairly common effect that, with this transit, some event occurs which is totally out of the blue.

Be warned that if you resist the kind of changes Saturn tries to impose on your first full return, it will be much more problematic on its second return.

Many elements of your life seem to come under the microscope, such as your values, judgment, responsibility, duty and purpose.

Anything that is hindering your Dharma, and not resolving your Karma, is subject to scrutiny.

May 2015 Taurus Astrology Oracle The effects of all this can seem like a self-imposed inquisition. As painful as Saturn transits can be, they may force growth in many areas.

Relationships that are essentially unfulfilled can end, and your emotional security will be tested in some way.

Without understanding these energies, you could feel a little less charged emotionally or even depressed.

You could experience more cautious feelings, which is just as well, as you should delay any decision that relates to your emotional circumstances.