May 2015 TAURUS man & Girlfriend Love Oracle: a great deal of sensitivity and compassion between you

Short Astrology Love Forecast for Taurus man

Living together in harmony might not be the easiest state to achieve. She tends to throw her weight around on the home front. She feels that she has to control or take charge of situations, even when it's not wanted or required.

Her relationship with your family might not be all that it could be.

What you expect and what you actually get in a relationship may very well turn out to be two completely different things.

Still, don't let this put you off; because if you persevere with getting to know her you will come to a deep and spiritual understanding of one another. She could be your soul-mate.
2015 taurus monthly love oracle horoscope

There is a great deal of sensitivity and compassion between you.

She seems to know what you want to achieve in life - personally and professionally - and is more than willing to help you in whatever way she can.

She may offer you career advice or even put you in touch with important and influential people.

You bring one another good luck and good fortune.

There is harmony between you and the realization that you are exceedingly fortunate to have each other.

May 2015 TAURUS man and Girlfriend Love Prediction

You share similar philosophical outlooks and know how to enjoy yourselves.

You both desire to advance in life and consequently create the means between you to elevate your social and material position in the world.

You get along well with each other and are tolerant and supportive of one another's outlooks and beliefs. You interact well together with others and make many friends as a couple.

If you combine your energies and resources, you can make a difference. You view change as a force for good even if it is accompanied by crisis.