JUNE 2015 Romance, Good Luck, Emotional Sensitivity HOROSCOPE Aries to Pisces

June 2015 Good Luck, Accident Proneness, Romance Forecast for all zodiac sign

On days when the deep red color appears, athletic performance is highlighted; on these days athletic competitions are likely to be lively, and there is a strong possibility of especially good athletic performances.

On a day when a deep red color is shown for Athletic Performance, it is likely that there will be some extraordinarily good athletic performances.

Given below are some notes on analyzing each of the characteristics in the Electional Profile Time Line.

In these notes we often talk about when a characteristic is "highlighted"; by "highlighted" we simply mean when the red color is given. Remember that even a pale red color does give some of the tendencies; the deeper the red color is, the stronger the tendency.

There is some "overlap" in the 14 categories.

On days when this category is highlighted, romantic and sexual energy runs very high. People are in a rather wild and unrestrained mood as well. Musical concerts at this time can be tremendously successful, and parties tend to be very lively.

If "Emotional Sensitivity" or "Visionary, Inspired" is also high, then a dreamy, romantic movie or song is likely to capture the imagination of the people.

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