JUNE 2015 Predictions of Numerology for Marriage: LOVE OR MARRIAGE NUMBER 6



These people are very unstable in a relationship. They are very rarely involved in a long-term relationship.

They try to find their true partner during their whole life. They are also very gentle and emotional people.

Even though they may have a good marriage, they quickly get bored and unhappy and continue their search for another partner or a short relationship.

Their life becomes more stable after their fifties.

You lack domesticity and are disinclined to take on the responsibilities of a home and family. The desire to devote yourself to the care and well-being of others is not strong in you.
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You may neglect the needs of your family and feel minimal interest in the welfare of those in your community.

Try to develop more loving concern for others, and realize that the personal touch and caring is more valuable than any strictly material gift you could give.


These are the combinations of love numbers and a short analysis of the relationship that those people
may form:

Your number & Partner's number numerology love and marriage predictions

a) Number 6 & 6 - They are very similar to each other and therefore they understand each other very well. Their relationship functions quite well. Home and family is second nature here, and these will be the top priorities for sure. This is a very compatible pairing. The 6 knows what's best for their partner, so they do a good job of taking care of each other, and a family is a must. 

b) Number 6 & 7 - This relationship is far from perfect but it can be surprisingly durable. Number 7 will prosper more in this marriage, while number 6 can find a much better match.

c) Number 6 & 8 - They will function if number 8 is a male and number 6 has a lot of patience. People number 8 can be very lazy and people number 6 are very hard working. The home will provide plenty of space for family, work, and frequent entertaining of their many friends. A down side to the relationship can occur if the possessive 6 has to compete too much with the business interests of the 8.

d) Number 6 & 9 - This is almost an ideal combination. They agree with each other in almost everything.