JUNE 2015 PISCES HOROSCOPE FORECAST: be aware of adopting a slapdash or smug attitude

2015 Pisces Monthly Horoscope Reading

This can be a positive transit, providing you remember not to overdo things in such a grandiose way that it circumvents paying proper attention to details.

It is a time to be practical, focused, and humble--rather than a time to be the center of everyone's attention. If you feel restless, be aware of adopting a slapdash or smug attitude.

Providing the Moon is well-aspected in your natal chart, this can indicate a period of emotional happiness, with a keen sense of anticipation.

You may also feel a little more optimistic. You may also have some religious or philosophical thoughts and feelings.

June 2015 Pisces Astrology Forecast Should your Moon be adversely aspected, you could be made uncomfortably aware of any emotional problems.
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Thus, you will probably seek and respond well to any maternal support.

Here, you may be forced to face a test in relation to of your self-confidence or some personal restriction.

If you have already developed your confidence to a satisfactory level, you may not notice any influence in this area.

Some may perceive this transit as the silver lining around a cloud of difficulties. In such cases, you will need to be patient and/or recognize that you have to settle for something less than the best or perfect.

June 2015 Pisces Horoscope Reading This can mark a period in which you are more receptive towards other people and communication becomes steady and consequential.

A genuine romantic, you yearn to be swept away — and supported — in true Hollywood style. You’re also capable of falling for a homeless bum just because you sense the potential beneath the plastic poncho

June 2015 is a good time to make long-term plans and commitments. Your horizons may broaden under this transit. One example of this is that you are prepared to work hard in order to get ahead in life.

There is an opportunity during this transit for personal growth. It may occur with regard to your career, social circumstances, or even an expansion of your higher mind.

However, as with any Jupiter transit Pisces native have to take the initiative.

Personal and commercial business dealings are favored in that you can negotiate to your advantage. This also extends to legal matters, should they be prominent.