JUNE 2015 LUCKY Numbers Tarot Oracle: a new movement and a level of change in your life

June 2015, Lucky Numbers and Days Tarot card Oracle: 4, 8, 12, 20, 32

A good luck charm, tidy time, a lucky opportunity, a sign giving you a solution to the problem you are facing, a sign commanding you to proceed doing the work or the project you are thinking of, to not to loose opportunity and to proceed.

If the individual recognizes certain luck in work or situation upon the pick of this card, they would have to engage with pomposity.

Luck awaits to be seized by anyone hence this special card comes with any positive event rising in one's life, maybe even various positive events bringing happiness and fulfillment of one's desires beyond the limits.

When you have a problem, then you must think and have a solution to work on.
June 2015 Lucky Numebers and Days Tarot Oracle
June 2015 Lucky Tarot Cards Reading

The three cups in front of him are his own simplest choices though already verified and selected by him, and the cup appearing in the sky is a distant thought which is puzzling him, maybe a right solution or is just a haze of limitless thoughts.

He might be currently thinking about this idea which has just appeared. He is in the middle of thinking something. Maybe he has planned something but is trying other options. A man tired of seeking something correct from jumbled thoughts or things.

Reverse: A tired man who can't think any correct decision and needs rest.

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IV Cups card might be prophesying that any new idea or a though can arise in your mind anytime sooner or later which can bring a new movement and a level of change in your life, although there can be difficulties accepting it.

One may or may not choose to implement that idea or a thought, it's on divine spirits or the individual's own strength of will to make that idea or a thought to work in a right direction.

Four of Cups probably indicates: to sit back and relax before taking a decision, to choose a correct option, and to plan wisely before acting upon any certain finalized choice. There maybe disappointment in someone or in a situation.

You may become tired of the same old struggle that has been carried on too long in the past. And you know that disappointment can come as the absolute result in your final struggle ahead.

This wipes out your courage and you probably sit in silence. While sitting you start to think any solution to end your struggle. Hence you start building up a mountain of choices but you selected none of them because of fears and doubts.

This card asks you to calm down and think in a wide way, select the choice which relieves you the most and act on it.

This is the time for contemplation, research and meditation. The thought will continue to be there and the decision to accept or reject it can be made later when all of the answers are in, and it also feels emotionally right to the individual. No immediate action is required.

Four of Cups trot card advice's to take a correct decision only in an alert state and calm environment when there's no one around.

One who takes a correct decision from numerous of choices. A person who verifies each of his thoughts and shapes them into action.

A very intelligent man who thinks before acting. Tarot card advice: To think first, and then act correctly and accordingly.

To gather more options than those which are easily available.

To get more out of your mind is a test of intelligence and will. When taking this critical decision, if you are bored or dissatisfied with what you found, just avoid distractions and examine your mind to gain a better clarity.

The level of creativity and awkwardness judge how much better you can decide. If you feel tired, you won't think correct so you will have to take a break.