JUNE 2015 GEMINI TAROT HOROSCOPE ORACLE: your entire ego and image are laid upon the promises


You’re easily distracted and often find it difficult to concentrate — or even to sit still. In many ways, you’re like a child. When you find something that excites you, you accelerate into overdrive. But you can exhaust your own enthusiasm by talking it into the ground.

The Fool card represents the beginning of all creativity and a desire to accomplish new goals (or to, at least, start the process of working towards those goals). The Fool tarot card indicates that anything can happen and the opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Breaking the promises and broken promises are all the same. Only time multiplies the broken promises.

Breaking the promises leaves behind the broken promises. How can you survive on broken promises? How can you live so much happily while breaking the promises?
Gemini monthly tarot oracle

June Gemini Tarot Oracle There are some promises of ancestors, of the soul, which are always hidden.

At least do not break those promises of ancestors and of your own past, your own reflection, your own personality, your own soul, and your own ego.

Remember, your entire ego and image are laid upon the promises, no matter if you did promise or not.

Warning, rushing, danger, the very importance of the passing time, bad luck, tremendous foolishness and ignorance, unexpected negative event or result, ignorance, innocence, blindness, to speak promises but cannot ever fulfill them, to promise to fulfill a dream or a wish which are out of reach your entire life.

To not to use intelligence when it is needed, a very bad decision, unable to resist evil temptations, doing wrong works, taking wrong decisions, selecting wrong options, falling into unnecessary traps and conspiracies and magic laid by others, truck-loads of unwanted works taken although left pending and incomplete, taking on a challenge, project, dangerous task which cannot be completed, or will bring damage or harm to the fool individual, unexpected and distasteful actions and expressions, falling into dangerous traps without thinking about them even when one can escape from them, speaking false things and blasphemies and rejecting the truth publicly, speaking lies always instead of truth, a foul man who does foul works and speaks foul language, an individual without persistence in any field, not even in his own interested and acquired works, an individual without joy and without any expectations from others about him, an individual who believes and is attracted to any kind of desire and temptation including illegal sex and sexual acts and behaviors, an individual who can't resist any desire, seduction, temptation, idea, and is a constant and unstoppable force, a person who doesn't gives any effort in team work or even his own works but believes on fluke for all his actions and endeavors, an individual who lives as a dead being who doesn't wants to reproduce and mingle.

Gemini Tarot Reading June 2015 The Fool tarot card advises that one listen to that watchful little dog, which might be a concerned friend, a wise tarot reader, someone harassing you from the sidelines, or just your instincts.

Excessive courage and optimism for doing works; the good works, and even evil.

Reversed, the Fool Tarot card suggests that you may be acting in total disregard of the consequences of your actions and indeed acting ‘the fool’. You are trying to live ‘in the moment’ rather than planning ahead.