JUNE 2015 CAPRICORN Accident Proneness, Emotional Sensivity HOROSCOPE DAYS CHART

Monthly CAPRICORN Fortune Horoscope Days CHART - June 2015

Begin by acknowledging that Capricorn has a strong sense of privacy, propriety, and emotional reserve. Even your oldest friends don’t get too close. You admire them for their accomplishments and sympathize with them for their troubles.

So, yes, some Capricorns are covetous and materialistic. Most are not. And many of you have a little-recognized ability to put the good of others ahead of your selfish desires.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and thus you may have a tendency to seek social approval and will want to maintain a good reputation. You may feel restricted, sentimental, lonely and melancholy.

June 2015 Capricorn Accident Proneness Forecast
Monthly Capricorn Accident Proneness Forecast
You are a sensitive being and feel a strong need for recognition. You demand loyalty, but may not easily give it in return. Although imbued with a strongly reserved nature, you do not normally worry. However, when you do it comes from a tendency to allow the most irrelevant thought or activity to grow like a pessimistic cancer throughout your mind. It is important to plug any cracks in your psyche to prevent this growth of anxiety.

June 2015 Capricorn Emotional Sensivity Horoscope
Monthly Capricorn Emotional Sensivity Horoscope
You like to react sensitively to the emotional desires of your partner and adapt willingly to them. You may also possess a natural ability to promote feelings of increased self-confidence in others. If you find your life to be one emotional crisis after another, the Moon is quite likely receiving some challenging aspects.
June 2015 Capricorn Family Friendship Horoscope
Minthly 2015 Capricorn Family Friendship Horoscope
Try to realize that crises and collapse often lead to a release of overwhelming forces, which can in turn cause a person to transform and grow. Try not to attach too much sentiment or possessiveness to people and objects.