JULY 2015 Romance, Good Luck, Emotional Sensitivity HOROSCOPE Cancer to Taurus

July 2015 Good Luck, Accident Proneness, Romance Predictions for all  sign

In these notes we often talk about when a characteristic is "highlighted"; by "highlighted" we simply mean when the red color is given.

Remember that even a pale red color does give some of the tendencies; the deeper the red color is, the stronger the tendency.

A Profile Time Line for a single month allows you to see each individual day clearly. There are thin lines after each 7 days of the month; on a printout of one or two months, these thin lines dividing each 7 days help you see exactly on which day the characteristic is strongest.

Good Luck, Optimism: On days when the deep red color appears there is likely to be good cooperation among governments and large corporations, and there is likely to be some good or hopeful news regarding global problems.

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