January 2016 Planetary Ephemeris & Moon calendar printable

January 2016 Moon phases

02, Saturday  05:30 Last quarter
06, Wednesday 07:42 Waning crescent
10, Sunday   01:30 New Moon
13, Wednesday  13:05 Waxing crescent
16, Saturday   23:26 First quarter
20, Wednesday 10:50 Waxing gibbous
24, Sunday 01:45 Full Moon
27, Wednesday 23:53 Waning gibbous

A full Moon can exert a strong influence on your vitality. It is therefore important to take steps to cure any restlessness and anxiety. Any imbalance will cause energy reserves to fluctuate considerably.

January 2016 printable Moon Calendar

January 2016 Moon Calendar Full Chart
January 2016 Printable Planetary Ephemeris

January 2016 Planet Ephemeris Chart
The astronomical position calculated from an ephemeris is given in the spherical polar coordinate system of right ascension and declination. Some of the astronomical phenomena of interest to astronomers are eclipses, apparent retrograde motion/planetary stations, planetary ingresses, sidereal time, positions for the mean and true nodes of the moon, the phases of the Moon, and the positions of minor celestial bodies such as Chiron.