VIRGO HOROSCOPE FORECAST JANUARY 1, 2016: Love for singles of the Virgo will be volatile

VIRGO January 1, 2016 Astrology Horoscope Reading

As you will find, the forecast interpretations can be positive and/or challenging. Their effects can be experienced either directly personally or through events in the lives of others in the environment. Some trends will be more apparent than others, while others may be more subtle. What is most important is how you respond to them.

Love for singles of the Virgo zodiac sign will be volatile.

The first half of the day will be abundant in great chances and opportunities and it will be the worst mistake you could possibly make to ignore them. The late afternoon and evening hours will be spent in peace and harmony.

VIRGO January 1, 2016 Forecast In your emotional life, you are likely to feel very restless and excitable, and inclined to sudden outbursts of feeling. Your family may demand more of your time, which could cramp your style and restrict your freedom.

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However, because you are more impressionable and vulnerable than usual now, you need to be selective in your choice of spiritual teachers, because there is a danger of deception.

Positively, if you are in anyway artistically inclined, your powers of imagination and inspiration are accentuated now.

Pluto's purpose now is to force you to explore different dimensions of yourself and alert you to aspects of your life that are limiting you or holding you back.

Astrology Zone VIRGO January 1, 2016 Whatever your financial situation, it won't hurt to tighten Virgo zodiac sign belt during this transit. Positively, this can be a good time for making careful investments that take a long time to mature.

Don’t push your opinion as the only right one onto people you talk to.

If you believe you know better, you’ll constantly face people’s resistance and even animosity.

Occult subjects could interest you more now. Power struggles are possible within the domestic environment.