Astrology Lesson: Meaning of The Zodiac Signs, Horoscope Houses and Meaning of The Planetary Aspects

There are many many opinions on what the planets actually mean or represent, however, the basic meaning is pretty well agreed upon. Below we have give you some common keywords that are frequently used.

The meanings given are fairly well agreed upon by the great majority of astrologers. Each astrologer puts a little different emphasis or slant on the astrological meaning.

For example, some astrologers emphasize Venus as a planet of friendship, some put the emphasis more on art and attraction to beauty, and some emphasize Venus's influence on romantic feelings.

In future astrology lessons we will discuss the astrological meanings in greater detail, and we will also point out different points of view on a subject, but many astrologers also emphasize that it is most important to keep it simple!

Astrology Wiki Meaning of The Aspects

Do not get burdened with subtleties; instead focus on the basics to make sure that you haven't missed the basic meaning of what is going on is what many astrologers emphasize.

In any case, learning the basic astrology meanings given in the listings above will provide you very powerful tools for understanding people, as we shall begin to see in the next astrology lesson.

Wiki Astrology Meaning of The Zodiac Signs

The sign that the Sun occupied at the moment of your birth is the most basic astrological fact about you.
Wiki Astrology Meanings of the Planets

It defines your ego, motivations, needs, and approach to life. But the Sun isn’t the only planet that affects you. (For astrological purposes, both luminaries — the Sun and the Moon — are called

Wiki Horoscope Meaning of The Houses

Do yourself a favor and don’t use this terminology when talking to astronomers.) Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, not to mention the Moon, represent distinct types of energy that express themselves in the style of the sign they’re in.