2016 GEMINI TAROT Card Forecast: Six of Coins - some forces are controlling your finances

2016 YEARLY TAROT ORACLE FOR GEMINI SIGN: SIX of Coins (Pentacles) tarot card

In readings, the Six of Coins Tarot card asks you to look very deeply into the whole issue of what having really means both materially (resources) and immaterially (knowledge, power, love). You may see yourself on one side or the other, but this card asks you to reconsider.

Think of the successful businessman who suddenly declares bankruptcy. The tyrannical invalid who dominates through weakness. The teacher who learns from her students. The parent who controls by giving money.

The Six of Coins tarot card asks you now to question your motivation. You can lessen the damage of future obligations by making better choices now.

When you need someone why and for what reason will the other person visit you? But when you have done good things for him, donated him something, and cared for him, he has a relation and a duty to visit you and help you.
2016 gemini tarot horoscope forecast six of coins

A new relation can be built, much like it, a new help can be given or taken from others, this is how life goes when an individual has to support someone and when himself in need, would require help from others.

Also, money is the only source from which one can buy food, clothes, and everything.

Without money no one can survive therefore the card reminds through the meaning in the card's picture that money is the source of every material in this hard world and without it, no human being can survive unless he has those things which bring everything which the money brings to an individual.

Hence, reminding the value and prestige of money, gold, and every kind of wealth including family, children, house, work, and the value of man.

And this value of man comes through the standard and personality of man, and how much wealth he has earned himself not by others.

The value of man teaches others including the malice makers that the prestigious man has his heart comparable to the prestigious gold, the heart made of gold.

When a man rises to good standards and donates wealth to the poor time by time, the poor remember him that someday he would come again and would give them something they need to have, to buy food, clothes, and anything they need for livelihood.

2016 Gemini Tarot Card Oracle Information

Generosity, honesty, kind-hardheartedness, donating something to the one in need and the poor, measuring one's value and comparing it to the universal being, comparing the poor with one's own self, giving something to others without condition and with kindness, creating a sweet new relation with the weaker and poorer people, doing proper justice with the weak and the poor, rewarding the inferior beings with money and other things, obeying to the requests of the poor and the weaker beings, trustworthiness to those who are inferior, kissing the hands of the poor and weak, protecting the weak and the poor, making ourselves a wise and kind being in front of others, visiting and helping the poor, the challenged, and the weak people in society, readiness to help and magnificent friendliness, living with good and noble standards and having a good balance of food, clothes, and money for emergencies.