2015 TAURUS MAN and TAURUS WOMAN Compatibility Forecast: Together, you are motivated by a strong urge to expand in life

2015 Synastry Report between Taurus Man and Taurus Woman

Relationships between Cardinal personalities are dynamic and action orientated. Both of you have your own ideas about what can and needs to be done.

As a pair you can achieve a lot together; however there will be struggles for dominance in the relationship. In this pairing we have the modern day 'power couple'.

2015 TAURUS MAN and TAURUS WOMAN Romance  You share similar dreams, long for romance and see life as a universal whole. Problems can arise through over-sensitivity and an insufficient concern for the practical things in life.

You have similar aims and aspirations to one another. She understands what's important to you and likewise, you know how to help her achieve her goals.

Knowing Taurus Woman can feel like a spiritual experience for you; in that the impact she has on you at an inner level is profound.

2015 TAURUS MAN and TAURUS WOMAN Relationship Forecast You both also enjoy studying, philosophy and higher knowledge. Overseas trips can be a highlight in your relationship and you will love exploring different cultures and countries together.
2015 TAURUS MAN and TAURUS WOMAN Compatibility Prediction

She has a way of blasting your old habits and routines out of the water and persuading you to investigate alternative work methods. 

She may have a transformative effect on your general health and fitness by encouraging you to cleanse your body and purge your system.

One of the pleasures you share with Taurus Man is spending time together alone in quiet and restful surroundings. 

Your joy is with each other away from the glare of spotlights and the influence of other people. 

You delight in each other's company and privacy.
You will probably never know how much money you have in the bank together. 

2015 TAURUS MAN and TAURUS WOMAN Compatibility  Taurus Man is just not that interested in keeping accounts and track of your joint finances or business records. 

He might not be the best person to have financial arrangements with. He may be enthusiastic about esoteric matters on the other hand.

As a couple - or even as business partners - this aspect encourages individual and combined growth. 

Together, you are motivated by a strong urge to expand in life and to broaden your horizons.

There is an ease of communication between you. Honesty and frankness are important to you both. 

You are interested in one another's ideas and tolerant of each other's and other people's beliefs and attitudes.