VIRGO Lucky Tarot Oracle May 3 - 9, 2015: Page Of Swords - Someone could be watching you or spying on you

May 2015 Virgo Tarot Oracle Reading: Page Of Swords

The Virgo possess an analytical mind and see things in black and white. They are capable of producing a clear analysis and thereby a solution of even the most complicated problems.  One of the most magical characteristics of the Virgo is no matter how many times life or romance turns sour on them, they still manage to maintain faith in others, refusing to become cynical.

The Virgo are conservative and won’t readily accept modern ideas. Maybe it has to do with their need to test the waters and be sure of the outcome.

Page Of Swords tarot card reading

A man who is glorified, a stubborn and a powerful person who tackles the obstacles and solves the problems with force and spoken command.

He stands on a high position and manipulates the people around him. A liberty loving and a lawful individual who believes in heroism and glory.
May 3 - 9 Tarot Zone Oracle
2015 VIRGO Lucky Tarot Oracle

A kind of soldier in the civilian life who fights for rights, liberty, and justice.

One who has attained a positive name for himself for his right-doings and great works. A talented human who manipulates others and negotiates with success. A fighter for human rights and freedom.

A crusader ready to save himself from upcoming obstacles and dangers, ready with a weapon to fight all enemies and odds with courage till the end whether the victory is in death or the survival. A fearless man who doesn't fears the court justice and even the prison.

A man who has something to say to someone, forces his speech on someone but causes conflicts, violence, and drama and creates a scene even in public; a short tempered and prideful being with less intent in speech and greater desire to use force.

The card warns of an approaching danger posed by a rising enemy or any specific person which can lead to conflict or a simple quarrel. One is rising to jealousy and hate and even to begin a rampaging campaign to crush down the other person without notifying him.

Someone could be watching you or spying on you; Someone is slowly rising against you as this card reflects a person standing stubborn with a sword holding in his hands.

Swords are cards of words and ideas. Truth and justice are the highest ideals. We all politely nod in their direction and live up to them when it is easy, but the Page of Swords shows a challenging wind blowing towards you in a new way.

The meanings and secrets for Page Of Swords tarot card

Glory, heroism, daredevil, self-esteem, dignity, positive image, positive attitude, confidence, courage, test of aptitude, fearlessness, experience, mental stability, alertness, awakened working wisdom, readiness to fight for survival, readiness to accept and pass any challenge, to be proud of yourself in front of your opponents and enemies, to practice glamour in front of your enemies and opponents, elevated level of aptitude, elevated level of compassion, confidence to knock down the opponents, a mighty hero, champion, a victor.

A new love interest that is younger than you could be giving you some important news when you least expect it.

A happier cycle or period of time will come about.