TAURUS Horoscope Oracle May 24 - 30, 2015: Restructuring can put job security at risk

In touch with your physical senses, you know how to enjoy yourself and can, on occasion, indulge in sensuality.

Rocky and unstable unions will most likely break up completely, whereas stable and secure associations will weather the transit and be stronger for it.

TAURUS Horoscope Oracle May 24 - 30 If you are not in a significant relationship, you could begin one now and, if you handle it maturely, it could last for a long time.

On a completely different tack, this is not the best time to get involved in litigation, if you can help it, as it could drag on and ultimately go against you.

You are generally a patient and conservative person that doesn't anger easily; however you become a force to be reckoned with when pushed too far.

You tend to prefer the status quo to change, and can be quite inflexible and stubborn when you want to be. An artistic talent is possible.
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Taurus 2015 Weekly Horoscope

TAURUS Horoscope Forecasts May 24 - 30 Positively, you can make career decisions and choices based on intuition, and you are currently suited to professions that help or are of service to others.

Also, careers that enable you to be creative or artistically expressive are worth pursuing now.

Restructuring can put job security at risk. You may be forced to work with reduced options or under trying circumstances.

Alternatively, you may be saddled with responsibilities you don't really want or don't feel experienced enough to manage.

"Successful action" is the main feature of this transit. However, because it is a "soft" aspect you need to motivate yourself and act with a sense of purpose, if you want to experience its benefits.

TAURUS Horoscope Zone May 24 - 30 This is an excellent period for business matters, negotiations and for starting new projects, providing there aren't other more powerful transits from the stronger planets to contend with also.

Your sense of timing is very good now and, as luck will seem to have it, you will probably conveniently find yourself in the right place at the right time. Relations with others can improve now and disputes can be sorted out.

Your mind is open to the idea of experimentation and discovery; consequently you could travel, start a new course of study or rally support for a cause. You could use this period for learning something new, such as a foreign language or a useful skill.

Your powers of comprehension are accentuated now, enabling you to understand things more quickly than usual.

Do not aim to resolve everything with one well-timed hit, right now it will be impossible with so many problems arising and requiring an individual approach.

At the same time, act quickly – acting slowly will just consume your energy.

TAURUS Horoscope Oracle May 24 - 30, 2015 Especially now, when your life energy is off the charts and you are capable to change everything around you.

Just do not try too hard, sometimes the conservative elements aid in preventing an indefatigable charge of chaotically rising inconsistencies, which may form into one great avalanche.

No one knows when such an avalanche may come down.

Making a mistake is not a sign of stupidity, it just means that you did not have the right definition when you were making the decision.