Natal Horoscope 24 February 1983: You have a very imaginative and creative mind

Each astrological influence described in this report is a resource available to you. It is up to you to express these energy patterns in the best possible way. 

It is possible to repress, block, or try to avoid issues, or to fight yourself; hopefully this report will help clarify issues in your life, and encourage you to master your life rather than be a victim of circumstances.

Natal Horoscope 24 February 1983 Astrology Report

1) Moon-Jupiter-Uranus 8th Harmonic - astrology meanings

You have a wonderful sense of humor and a spontaneity and enthusiasm that others enjoy and appreciate. You can succeed in any area where these traits are rewarded, such as music, dance, any form of entertainment, or as a group leader or director. You often appear irrational to others because you cannot always explain the reason or source of your feelings. Anyone who lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your need for times of withdrawal.

2) Mercury-Mars-Neptune 8th Harmonic - astrology meanings

You have exceptional ability in some areas and are rather weak in others. At an early age it is possible that you developed a fear of some technical and scientific areas, which would be unfortunate because actually you can be competent in these areas. You are very good at picking up on fine nuances of meaning in literature, poetry, and art. You have a very imaginative and creative mind, but you can become confused if overloaded with too much information at one time.
Astrology Natal Horoscope Birth Chart  24 February 1983

3) Venus-Mars-Neptune 4th Harmonic - astrology meanings

You are very idealistic and dreamy in romantic affairs, and inclined to be disappointed when you gradually awaken from the dream. Still, it is not impossible that you can meet the person who is just right for you. You are also artistic, creative, and imaginative.

4) Venus-Jupiter-Uranus 16th Harmonic - natal horoscope report

You have a good sense of rhythm, and you have talent in music and/or dance. You also have a good sense of humor, and when you are in a good mood, you put everyone in a good mood. Very often you are the life of the party.

5) Moon Opposition Sun/Jupiter 0 deg 41 min - natal horoscope report

You can succeed in an area that requires you to interact with a lot of other people, because people find you to be very approachable. You have a friendly, easy-going disposition that makes others feel welcome and comfortable around you.

6) Moon Opposition Sun/Uranus 0 deg 54 min - natal horoscope report

You enjoy the company of people who, like yourself, are creative, humorous, inventive, or even slightly eccentric. You succeed in areas that give you lots of freedom and where you can express your creativity. Avoid getting involved in organizations or groups that are too conservative, stuffy, or unresponsive to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.

7) Venus Opposition Moon/Jupiter 0 deg 36 min - natal horoscope report

Your kindness and warmth radiate out to others, and bring more happiness to others than you probably realize. You can be very successful working with children or in any other area where others will reward your kindness rather than take advantage of it. Avoid developing a habit of eating high-fat foods; otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to lose pounds later.

8) Venus Opposition Moon/Uranus 0 deg 50 min - natal horoscope forecast

You enjoy lively music and dance. You have a good sense of rhythm and probably you have an infectious laugh. You enjoy jokes and tricks. It is likely that you will fall in, and out of, love several times before "settling down" with one person, so it may be best if you do not marry to early in life. Although you are romantic, you do not like to feel smothered or too restricted by your partner.

9) Sun Conjunct Mercury/Mars 1 deg 14 min - natal horoscope forecast

You are likely to take classes and continue to learn things throughout your life, never ceasing to work on getting a clearer and sharper understanding. While other people may say they do not have time to take classes, you make time because it is a high priority for you. Sometimes you are impatient with yourself and so anxious to master a subject that you become frustrated with yourself and possibly also your instructor, and this can cause you to prematurely terminate a training program, or get you
into severe disagreements with others.

10) Saturn Opposition Moon/Mercury 1 deg 11 min - natal horoscope forecast

You have good mental concentration and you can succeed in areas that require a lot of reading, writing, or detail work. You also have a good sense of form and design, and you can formulate things in a very logical and coherent manner. You explain things clearly and can be a good teacher or instructor.

11) Mars Opposition Moon/Uranus 1 deg 29 min - natal horoscope forecast

Your emotions build up very suddenly. When frustrated, you become quickly angered, and it is important for you not to develop a habit of losing your temper. You can become very impatient with others and provoke them without realizing it; do not hesitate to apologize later if you are too sharp with someone. Challenging physical activities, athletics, and competitions suit you well.

12) Moon Opposition Mercury/Neptune 1 deg 53 min - natal horoscope chart reading

You have good imagination and intuition. You have a talent for understanding, and perhaps also producing, poetry and fictional literature. You work well with children, and also have a strong inclination to become involved in music and the arts.

You respond very much to the emotional tone and atmosphere around you, and can be dominated by your fluctuating and unpredictable moods.

13) Mars Opposition Moon/Jupiter 1 deg 42 min  - natal horoscope chart reading

You have creative talents that you may take for granted. You are a good team player and you can be a good leader. You know how to motivate others and get the job done. Your positive, constructive attitude helps bring you success in life.

14) Sun-Jupiter-Pluto 63rd Harmonic  (7x9)  - natal horoscope chart reading

You are good at promoting, marketing, and bringing things to a larger audience. You find ways to expand the exposure of a product, or of bringing something to the attention of a larger number of people. You strive for success, and sooner or later you will achieve it.

15) Mars-Saturn-Uranus 114th Harmonic  (114=19x6)  - natal horoscope chart reading

You work intensely and sporadically. It is difficult for you to stay on a fixed schedule with a prescribed task. You prefer to work very hard at your own pace. Others usually get in your way. You become easily frustrated by the demands of others.