MAY 2015 GEMINI HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Venus will help you attract or express the love

Agile and articulate, Gemini is lively, bright, thoroughly engaged, and incredibly persuasive. That’s because you’re ruled by quick-witted Mercury, the trickster god who could wiggle his way out of anything.

It could be the perfect period for romantic getaways or nesting, or you might head into some research or magical interests. It's a good period for you to shine in these matters.

You take life very seriously now. You question major commitments and decisions you have made in the past, such as career choices, place of residence, marriage and other major relationships. This is a time of self-analysis and questioning about the direction you have taken in your life.

You may meet or talk in private or secret during this time or develop things behind closed doors.

It will remain in this potentially lucrative part of your chart until May 16, 2015.
may 2015 gemini monthly horoscope forecast
2015 Monthly Forecast Reading

May 2015 Gemini monthly horoscope reading There's still time to increase your income, which is why making your vocation a priority is worthwhile now.

Investing in developing your own abilities and acquiring professional equipment is wiser than getting involved in joint ventures.

Some or much of this will likely be focused on earning money or being valued, dealing with possessions or making purchases.

Creative projects can reach a turning point. Relationship problems that have been brewing under the surface can spin out of control, but revelations made now force you to make important changes.

Group projects and participation in social events or events with an audience will favor the appearance and enhancement of love or can have an influence on your already existing couple.

May 2015 Gemini monthly horoscope report Challenges in intimate relationships may not be resolved, but they begin to take a back seat in your life. You are focusing on the positive and not allowing complicated emotions drag you down.

It's an opportunity to take a longer-term view of your professional and public aspirations. If your ambitions are not aligned with the truth in your heart, you may need to alter some of your goals.

Venus will help you attract or express the love and enjoy this period.

It will also help you when dealing with income, beauty or women. You should focus some of this on your needs, your looks, body, image, brand, name, title, or identity.

Some conflict is possible among your friends at this time. The second question is to pick a side, but the first one is to determine who is right. Do not get lead on by one of the stupidest contemporary trends – do not search for an opportunity to find a consensus.

You're not required to agree with everything you hear, but responding with reason and hope produces better outcomes than getting into debates with someone you love.

Once again, a good synthesis of new methods with those already in place will help you significantly increase the productivity of your work process. Either way, you will be left winning.

May 2015 Gemini monthly astrology reading Be careful not to end up in confusing, controversial or compromising situations! It is recommended that you are not active on two fronts.

Your energy is largely applied to personal and private affairs now. Your disposition is introspective.

Rest and reflect!

Examining the past in order to improve the future is certainly worthwhile, as long as you don't waste your energy on guilt.

You are likely to require a certain amount of solitude in order to get your thoughts together or to be mentally productive.