LIBRA Love Horoscope Zone: May 17 - May 23, 2015: Your heart has something to tell you this time

Libra is one of the three zodiac air signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius.

Personality traits often associated with people born under the sign of Libra include: harmonious, seeking justice and balance, intellectual, refined and concerned with relationships.  

For LIBRA sign, May 17 - May 23, 2015 is an excellent period for business matters, negotiations and for starting new projects, providing there aren't other more powerful transits from the stronger planets to contend with also.

Your sense of timing is very good now and, as luck will seem to have it, you will probably conveniently find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Relations with others can improve now and disputes can be sorted out.
LIBRA Love Horoscope Predictions May 17 May 23 2015

Don't be afraid of the depth of your feelings: Your heart has something to tell you this period, and being willing to face it will help you make the most of a romantic opportunity.

LIBRA Horoscope Zone Forecast: May 17 - May 23, 2015 You're learning the art of assertiveness and even a little bit of rebellion in your love relationships. Of course, you'll always finesse even the most discordant situations with beauty and grace.

If you are sports oriented, this transit can improve your game and take you to another level of fitness. In special circumstances, birth and procreation can feature under this influence.

However, other factors in your horoscope must be present for this to be the case.

Regarding your relationships with other people, take care that you don't inadvertently segregate or cut yourself off from others.

Some contacts will be terminated at this time, but don't see this as a bad thing; in all likelihood they have come to the end of their purpose in your life.

You will be inclined to retreat from high pressure situations; preferring periods in quiet seclusion or solitude.

You are, in effect, winding down your pace and preparing for a new period of personal growth and self-discovery, which will begin in a couple of years.

LIBRA Horoscope Reading: May 17 - May 23, 2015 Occasionally, during this period, you may feel restricted or "imprisoned" and unable to assert yourself as effectively as usual.

You could experience increases in wealth or reversals in fortune; a lot depends upon your natural inclinations where money is concerned.

The best way for you to deal with things now is with patience and to persevere in your endeavors. Professionally, if your work is unsatisfying, you may decide to change jobs, but only take such a step if you have something better to go to.

LIBRA shall require greater tolerance and perseverance to tide over little to major conflicts, debates or arguments.