JUNE 2015 Taurus Tarot Oracle: JUSTICE - come to reality and stop entering into fantasies and dreams

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If you are single, this is a time when commitment may be coming your way very shortly. Stay clear about what you most want from relationships, and you are likely to "find it" that much sooner.

We get what we deserve according to the crimes and sins we have committed in the past.

Sooner or later the victim receives liberty and the guilty criminal receives the punishment through the correct justice of God.

And justice defends only the truth and discards the lies and false things.

When the mirror breaks, the copied image of the man is crushed and fades, but the true self, the man remains alive to see the mirror shatter into pieces.
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Defense of one's rights, rules, one's promises, and assets, not by lies and malice, but by truth and the weapons of truth.

The justice defends the truth. Under the weapons of justice, the truth is preserved and remains secure no matter where it is kept.

It is advised to face justice and to penance according to what God's justice speaks.

And it is also advised to observe other's malice and lies and when asked, defend the truth and justice no matter what happens.

What you have earned through good or bad works, will be given to you when the measures of justice are kept on the scales of justice by the god.

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If you were honest, kind, trustworthy, and noble, to others, you will receive the same from others also, this is the correct justice you must also do for others who are noble, kindhearted, and honest to you.

The Justice Tarot card also indicates a time when decision-making is required.

Something in your life needs attention, mediation or a solution. Look to the two cards lying on either side of the Justice card to understand what it is that you are weighing up in your decision-making.

Remember Justice neither urges, nor requests, nor advises; Justice always commands and forces it's power and vengeance onto the individuals, otherwise the truth will not be safe and therefore judge has to defend and preserve the truth until the truth is as pure as the God himself.

Justice Tarot card also sends a command to the reader to come to reality and stop entering into fantasies and dreams.

Justice is real and so one has to and must accept it by his heart otherwise such individuals loose something special, an object, event, property, time, or anything, even lives.

When this card is picked up, it means something even if the reader doesn't recognize anything in it.

Even if you don't gamble in any way, money that you weren't expecting can show up now.