Celebrity Horoscope Rosie Huntington - Whiteley: You are very idealistic and dreamy in romantic affairs

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The supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Major Life Themes Horoscope Interpretation

Each astrological influence described in this report is a resource available to you. It is up to you to express these energy patterns in the best possible way. It is possible to repress, block, or try to avoid issues, or to fight yourself; hopefully this report will help clarify issues in your life, and encourage you to master your life rather than be a victim of circumstances.

1) Moon-Mars-Neptune 24th Harmonic  (24=3x8)
Natal Horoscope Chart Rosie Huntington Whiteley

It is important for you to be creative, to make imaginative things, and do something that employs your sensitivity and imagination. Rather than do things the same old way, let your imagination dream up a more beautiful or unusual style.

Sometimes you may feel that your ideas are weird or simply will not turn out well, but with care and attention they can be the most rewarding activities that you engage in, both for yourself and others.

2) Mercury-Mars-Pluto 12th Harmonic  (12=3x4)

Sometimes you become impatient and even belligerent with others if you feel that their ideas are poorly constructed or based on erroneous assumptions. You are shrewd and insightful but sometimes you are not as open to other points of view as you think you are.

3) Mars-Neptune-Pluto 12th Harmonic  (12=3x4)

Performing daily chores bores you, but if something captures your imagination, you can work fanatically without taking time to even rest or possibly even to eat. You can be successful in an area that allows you to apply yourself with the complete dedication that you are capable of.

4) Jupiter Conjunct Sun/Venus 0 deg 05 min

You do well in areas that require an appreciation and sensitivity to high quality or elegance. You are good at assessing the value of things. You are friendly, often generous, and sometimes wasteful; be careful to not overindulge in the things you enjoy.

5) Moon Conjunct Saturn/Uranus 0 deg 34 min

You become uncomfortable quickly when forced to behave, dress, or act according to the desires of others or social conventions. It is important for you to dress comfortably and feel unrestrained. You can become very stressed, and massage or other stress-relieving activities are good for you to participate in regularly.

6) Pluto Opposition Mars/Jupiter 0 deg 55 min

You have big plans and the dynamic energy to manifest them. Sometimes you are almost obsessed with your big plans, and although family members and friends may tire of hearing about your plans, the single-minded focus on your goals is needed to achieve your goals. Be sure to research carefully before investing time, energy, and resources on a venture.

7) Venus Conjunct Mars/Neptune 1 deg 34 min

You are very idealistic and dreamy in romantic affairs, and inclined to be disappointed when you gradually awaken from the dream. Still, it is not impossible that you can meet the person who is just right for you. You are also artistic, creative, and imaginative.
Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley Astrology Forecast

8) Moon-Venus-Pluto 114th Harmonic  (114=19x6)

You experience compulsive feelings and you can become romantically obsessed with another person. Feelings of jealousy, however, can destroy your relationship. Your feelings are very strong and you are inclined to project them on others at least occasionally. Your emotions are deep and complex.

9) Venus-Mars-Jupiter 44th Harmonic  (44=11x4)

You are a creative, warm, and friendly person. You are romantic, open, and generous. You are thoughtful and generous, and you enjoy taking time to be with friends or going out to have a good time. You can be very successful in an area that involves art, creativity, friendliness, or entertainment. Your constructive, positive attitude draws good opportunities to you.

10) Venus-Uranus-Pluto 98th Harmonic  (98=7x7x2)

Your romantic and sexual energy is very strong. At times a relationship may survive based on sexual attraction, while mutual understanding, kindness, and love are not as easy to find. If this happens, it is best to not make long-term commitments until a more complete and satisfying relationship is clearly possible.