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WIKI: Sergio Canavero (MD, US FMGEMS) is a functional neurosurgeon. He is the discoverer of the genesis of central pain syndromes: for this feat, he has been hailed as "benefactor of mankind" and "Italian genius of the first order" by the US website (2007).

Sergio Canavero is a leading expert in the field of electrical and chemical neuromodulation: he invented extradural motor cortex stimulation for Parkinson disease, bifocal cortical stimulation for the vegetative state and co-introduced extradural cortical stimulation for stroke rehabilitation. His books include: Central Pain Syndrome, Textbook of Therapeutic Cortical Stimulation, the Textbook of Cortical Brain Stimulation and, in Italian, two books on human sexual behavior.

Valery Spiridonov says he is ready to put his trust in controversial surgeon Dr Sergio Canavero who claims he can cut off his head and attach it to a healthy body.

Valery Spiridonov wants to be the first person to undergo a head transplant so he can have a shot at having a healthy body having suffered from the Werdnig-Hoffman muscle wasting disease.
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Dr Canavero and Valery Spiridonov have talked via Skype though they have not met yet and the doctor has not reviewed his medical records.

Alongside the ethical considerations of such a surgery, some have expressed concerns that it could lead to people wanting to exchange their bodies for cosmetic reasons, so obviously if it does become legalized, strict regulations will have to be in place.

Since the idea has been met with some strong opposition by those in the field of medicine, and many believe it simply won’t work, it will be interesting to see what unravels over the next couple of years.

Dr. Sergio Canavero Numerology Reading by AstroWikia

Numerology Soul Number is SIX

Devoted, loving, and sympathetic, your life centers around the well-being of your family and those you love. A happy, harmonious personal life is what you value above all else. You will also find satisfaction in serving those in the outside world, becoming involved in the helping professions, in community service and affairs, or by giving generously of your time and help to your friends. You are protective, responsible, and conscientious towards those who depend upon you, and you are the ideal mother or father in many ways, though you can be too involved in the lives of your loved ones. Learn to allow family members the freedom and room to make their own choices and mistakes.

You are not aggressively ambitious, and prefer cooperation to competition. Easy-going and comfort-loving, you let others battle for personal glory and honor; you'd rather stay home!

Numerology Personality Number is ELEVEN.

You appear unusual, unconventional, perhaps unpredictable or unstable. There is a vibrant, electric quality to your personality and people generally have a definite, immediate reaction to you, either being strongly fascinated and attracted, or repelled.

Inventive, creative, innovative, and avant-garde, you prefer an atmosphere that allows for free self-expression and a minimum of rules and regulations. You seem to have a touch of genius about you, appearing to be either very inspired or a little bit crazy, maybe a mixture of both.

You seem indifferent to other people's response to you many times. Your taste in clothing may be unique (or non-existent!)

Numerology Destiny Number is EIGHT.

Stature, recognition, power, influence, and wealth are all possible for one with your drive and talents. You admire success and have the ambition to attain it for yourself. A big vision combined with intensive, determined effort enables you to achieve great things.

You have the ability to manage and organize large projects and may be drawn to the world of business, finance, politics, athletics, or any field where money and power are at stake. You have an entrepreneurial streak and relish the challenge of starting with a seed idea and bringing it into the full fruition of accomplishment.

You must guard against making personal glory and material wealth your gods. If you use your influence and strength for the good of others as well as yourself, you will enjoy a full measure of inner as well as outer success.
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No Missing Numbers in Sergio Canavero name.

You are well balanced, and you enjoy many different kinds of activities. You have a variety of different kinds of friends. You are versatile, but may find it difficult to concentrate or specialize in one particular area.

Sergio Canavero First Vowel is E.

Your instinctive response to any situation is CURIOSITY. You want to look at it, learn about it, experience it. You ask a lot of questions. You study and educate yourself before plunging in to any situation. You need intellectual freedom and have an eager, enquiring mind. You have keen senses and are clear, perceptive, and interested in the world around you. An avid student or reader, you cannot keep your thoughts, insights, and ideas to yourself. You feel impelled to share them. The facile use of words, whether written or spoken, is something that comes easily to you. You thrive on conversation and a constant flow of interchange with your companions. You are friendly and open
to new people and new ideas - but want all the facts before you commit yourself to anything.

Sergio Canavero First Initial is S.

You are emotionally intense, often irrational and passionately driven to achieve your heart's desires. You are not averse to secretive or even devious methods when you cannot get what you want directly. Willful and stubbornly determined, you are able to persist and endure, overcoming obstacles and winning success after many twists and turns on your path.

You go to extremes in matters of the heart or pocketbook, and you can be a fanatic regarding your personal beliefs and philosophy of life. No one tells you what to do!