2015 VIRGO Weekly Horoscope Forecast: April 19 to April 25 - Good measure is important in everything

Astrology Zone: VIRGO Horoscope Oracle April 19 to April 25

Analytically Virgo and thoughtful Libra connect mentally. But efficient, industrious Virgo aims for perfection, while ever-so-slightly lazy Libra needs more down time and yearns for romance even when there’s laundry to be done.

Unfortunately, you often have to learn the hard way that well-meaning suggestions and advice, no matter how gently delivered, pack a terrible punch.

Virgo tend to a broad, universal outlook on life, and have an inherent sense of ultimate goodness or sense of divine purpose that allows you to weather storms and avoid becoming flustered by everyday, typical frustrations. 
2015 VIRGO Weekly Horoscope Forecast April 19 25
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You see past superficiality and tend to view life from a more cosmic or universal perspective. 

VIRGO Horoscope Forecast April 19 to April 25 Minor faults in others do not upset you, but if you ever encounter very malevolent or malicious people or circumstances, you can become very deeply affected, disturbed, troubled, worried, or unsure of how to cope with such extreme evil. 

In general, though, you have an inspiring, uplifting, and healing effect on others.

Your dreams and goals are deeper, stronger, and more subtle than most people's. 

You seek fulfillment through a life style that is spiritually focused and may reflect particular historical or cultural influences or ancient beliefs. 

Virgo are likely to follow a life style and religion based on your own deep reflections and studies and you may be more serious in these pursuits than other family members.

If you are a person with will that perseveres and your aspiration and situational preparedness are without equals, then you may not have that many problems. 

On the other side, the key aspects of the upcoming period are honesty and kindness. Desire for profits may put you in such a hole, that you may not climb out of. 

VIRGO Horoscope Predictions April 19 to April 25 A lack of superficiality finds you straight to the point, interested in the truth of things. It would be wise for you to consider scheduling a vacation, adventure of sorts, or a course that expands your mind. 

The stars say that you will have much greater difficulty overcoming the current obstacles if you will be alone. However, if you just keep your relationship to ease your own position, then you can expect such a powerful energy blow at the end of the month that your emotional shell may never recover.

Virgo's current interests will mostly revolve around home, properties and money. You'll probably get enthusiastically involved in domestic activities, from doing the cleaning to redecorating or fixing small things around the house, maybe purchasing something for your home, etc.

Good measure is important in everything. Remember about that and misunderstandings will pass you by. 

Your parents and family will support you in your career efforts and maybe even financially.

VIRGO Horoscope Oracle April 19 to April 25 However, your optimism and grand vision can get you in trouble too; you sometimes promise more than you can deliver, gloss over important details that come back to haunt you later, and overestimate the potential of an idea or product.

This is not a period when you feel like pushing your own interests, or in which you are especially energetic. 

Other people's concerns and needs receive more attention from you now, and you are more motivated to do something which serves others, perhaps a group you are affiliated with. 

Cooperating with others for some idealistic purpose is very satisfying for Virgo at this time. You may be turned to for advice or for your opinion on important matters. Although approachable and ready to communicate, you are less inclined towards chatting about frivolous matters now.