2015 VIRGO Astrology Tarot horoscope reading: The Ten of Coins - renew your affairs with your relatives and family friends

This tarot cards promises a fruitful and loving union. It is about the maturation of affections in a natural rhythm that unfolds into something genuine, in time.

In this light, no need to hurry any relationship along. Sparks reignite if you and your partner are going through a rough patch.

2015 VIRGO Astrology Tarot horoscope reading You can rebuild and restore through the power and force of love. The two of you learn not to put conditions on unconditional love.

The Ten of Pentacle First meaning: to accept culture, heritage, and traditions. One who lives in a very prospering and traditional home or an environment. Richness and expansion of life and the living beings is observed.

A time when one's family and community prosper and produces new population which brings good times and the requirements of the community and the family are fulfilled.
2015 VIRGO Astrology Tarot horoscope Oracle
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An environment, fort, castle, village, town, a city, that is well built, is widely and sincerely maintained, and is still standing for generations with the same old tradition, religion, culture, myths, and heritage.

The Ten of Pentacle Second meaning: This tarot card is a symbol of financial security, accomplishment, and comfort. The patriarch is able to rest and enjoy the fruits of his labors in retirement while he looks on at the lives of his children and grandchildren. Reversed, the Ten of Pentacles is about failure on a financial level. This tarot card indicates financial loss, problems with investments, and lack of resources.

2015 VIRGO Astrology Tarot horoscope reading Here we have someone who has accomplished a great deal during his life and is now able to rest in the satisfaction of knowing that what he has created will provide value and joy to others even when he is gone.

A successful man who has preserved his prestige and heritage of himself and his family and has produced a grand prospering family. A huge prospering joint family living on heritage and culture of ancestors.

The Ten of Pentacle Third meaning: Through this Card, the greater intelligence advice's you to produce a grand prospering and flourishing family; at least to keep your traditions, heritage, culture, prestige, and religion protected and preserved.

To keep alive the traditions and heritage comes from one's ancestors.

With this regard, you have to put effort and practice for keeping this promise in your heart, if you took the promise for protecting and preserving the ancestral heritage and culture. The card also advice's to constantly renew your affairs with your relatives and family friends.

This will assure that your pride remains unharmed and you do not become an anti-social kind of human being.

Friends, family, allies, and relatives are treasure which is never to be abandoned or else one looses the most important and desired events of his life and falls into various kinds of misery and desperation.

To produce profit and income for a happier family, protection from misery, chaos, and emergencies. You need to make your base secure. Draw support and protection from your past ties and rich family traditions.

If you invest conservatively and do not gamble, your success is assured.

One has to produce more offspring who will support the heritage and riches coming from the ancestors.

One will be passing his riches to the child in the family who is disciplined, clever, talented, and is able to handle the affairs, is able to manage the entire cosmos of the family and his relatives, and is very honest; a savior in a family or community.

The ten of Pentacles stands for the ultimate and excellence in worldly and material success. A symbol of Good luck with regards to one's family and affairs.

The ten of Pentacles Tarot card represents the ability to manipulate situations to one's own advantage.

Although your ex may still be attracted to you, he/she will not complicate the present with the past unless there is an important reason or profound desire.

The Ten of Pentacle Fourth meaning: this card points to a man, one who has completed his time of work and has accomplished all his desires, wishes, dreams; who found riches and enough money to secure his family's base and his own life; finally, is now resting in peace and prosperity with pleasure and playfulness in his own riches and material world.

2015 VIRGO Astrology Tarot horoscope oracle One who is an elder who completed his entire work life and is now living in peace and idleness, is also waiting for a peaceful and easy death.

The Ten of Pentacles indicate: Wealth, good life, health, heritage, riches in abundance. Traditions, inheritances, grand picnic, grand parties, gifts, great social affairs prospering relations. Inheritance of land and wealth.

Good family life and secure family property. Marriage, continuance of family traditions.

Pentacles are solid, earthy, heavy, not emotional, inspirational or mental. Pentacles are the essence of the earth, and of manifestation in the "real" world. Shopping, eating, gardening, earning and spending money.

The things that happen on the material plane that ground you.

Combining these two ideals then, one can indeed say that ten of Coins is about reaching that comfortable space where things have been achieved and rewarded and we have a time to breath before we start our next adventure.