Wiki Natal Horoscope Nigel Farage British politician and leader of the UK Independence Party

Astrology Natal Horoscope Nigel Paul Farage born on 3 April 1964, in Downe, Kent, England (ARIES)

Nigel Farage accused anti-Ukip protesters of chasing his terrified family out of a country pub – and branded them ‘scum’.

He said his two daughters ran away in fear after being targeted by an 80-strong fancy dress ‘mob’ who described themselves as ‘migrants, HIV activists, gay people, disabled people and breastfeeding mums’.

British politician Nigel Farage has been noted for his passionate and sometimes controversial speeches in the European Parliament and has strongly criticised the euro, the EU's single currency.
Wiki Astrology Natal Horoscope Nigel Paul Farage
British politician horoscope forecast

In August 2014, Nigel Farage was selected to contest the South Thanet seat in Kent at the 2015 general election.

Astrology Zone: Nigel Farage Natal Horoscope Interpretation (Major Life Themes Chart)

1. Mercury Conjunct Venus/Mars 0 deg 27 min

You have excellent aptitude for understanding the arts, and you are talented in artistic areas as well. You enjoy making things that are beautiful, and you succeed in areas that require an aesthetic sense as well as technical ability. You also have some talent for psychology, and you could be good as a marriage counselor, for example.

2. Pluto Opposition Moon/Venus 0 deg 16 min

You experience compulsive feelings and you can become romantically obsessed with another person. Feelings of jealousy, however, can destroy your relationship. Your feelings are very strong and you are inclined to project them on others at least occasionally. Your emotions are deep and complex.

3. Moon Opposition Sun/Uranus 0 deg 42 min

You enjoy the company of people who, like yourself, are creative, humorous, inventive, or even slightly eccentric. You succeed in areas that give you lots of freedom and where you can express your creativity. Avoid getting involved in organizations or groups that are too conservative, stuffy, or unresponsive to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.

4. Sun Conjunct Venus/Saturn 1 deg 28 min

You are serious and loyal in love relationships. You are not inclined to date a lot of different people; you seek a meaningful and deep relationship. You dislike ostentatiousness, pretentiousness, and glamour.

5. Sun Opposition Neptune/Pluto 1 deg 01 min

You appreciate art, literature, and music that digs deep into the subconscious or reveals deep yearnings of the soul. You have an aptitude for psychology, art, and spirituality.

6. Mercury Opposition Moon/Pluto 1 deg 15 min

It is likely that you are involved in psychology, anthropology, history, or genealogy. You like to look beneath the surface of things, and you may also have an interest in mystery novels. You can be very successful in any area that requires curiosity and the desire to uncover secrets.

7. Moon Opposition Mars/Pluto 1 deg 26 min

Periodically you feel an urgency to do something, and you become obstinate and inflexible, compulsively pursuing your interest, even though your interest may change soon afterwards.

Consequently, others who do not allow you to follow your instincts frustrate you and you can become embroiled in a mutually frustrating relationship. You need to work on ways to communicate clearly in order to resolve potential power struggles with others. Your creative intensity makes it possible for you to accomplish a great deal.

8. Sun Opposition Uranus/Neptune 1 deg 46 min

Your imagination and idealism are unusually strong. It is likely that you believe in various paranormal phenomena that most people are skeptical of. In order for your dreams, visions, and fantasies to develop to their greatest potential, it is best if you avoid drugs, alcohol, and stimulants.

9. Mercury Opposition Moon/Uranus 1 deg 32 min

You have quick reflexes, which gives you talent in some sports, playing a musical instrument, or any other activity that requires quickness and agility. You are very clever and have a good sense of humor. You pick up on things that other people miss. You function well in a fast-paced environment but can become nervous and high-strung from too much stress.

10. Neptune Opposition Mercury/Venus 1 deg 37 min

You can be successful in an artistic area. Your great imagination and ability to understand and formulate artistic ideas are big assets. You also are good at interpreting and understanding fictional literature and poetry.

11. Moon-Jupiter-Saturn 38th Harmonic  (38=19x2)

You have a good sense of form and design, and consequently you can excel in areas ranging from simple crafts to architectural design. You are very good at making things with your hands and you have an uncanny ability to visualize things clearly before you make them.

12. Mercury-Saturn-Neptune 59th Harmonic

You enjoy abstract thinking. Abstract principles are common in academic studies, whether it be the concept of a point or a line in mathematics, the Chinese philosophy of 5 elements, various psychological theories of theorists such as Freud, Jung, etc., or any number of other ideas. You are well-suited to academic studies.

13. Venus-Uranus-Pluto 63rd Harmonic  (7x9)

Your romantic and sexual energy is very strong. At times a relationship may survive based on sexual attraction, while mutual understanding, kindness, and love are not as easy to find. If this happens, it is best to not make long-term commitments until a more complete and satisfying relationship is clearly possible.

UKIP politician Nigel Farage Natal Horoscope predictions

1. Ascendant in Cancer Horoscope Reading

Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You are sensitive and emotional; however you can also be over-sensitive and easily hurt by people. You are receptive to the needs of others and have a natural desire to care for or protect people. Family and domestic matters are always important to you and your home is your retreat and sanctuary. At times, you are susceptible to changeable moods, irritability and touchiness.

2. Moon's North Node in 12th House Astrology Meanings

Your karmic lesson in life is to recognize when you need time out from others. Periods in seclusion can benefit you. Connections with institutions are possible.

3. Moon's North Node in Cancer Natal Horoscope Forecast

You desire emotional understanding between yourself and others and are inclined to try and form soul unions. There is a tendency to maintain links with the family throughout life, despite the possibility of discords between family members.
Astrology Horoscope Nigel Farage UKIP

4. Sun in Aries Natal Horoscope meanings

You have an assertive and direct nature, with the urge to be constantly doing something. Self-motivated and enterprising, you like being where the action is and taking the initiative. Naturally bold and courageous, you will often take risks and attempt things that others find daunting. You have a competitive spirit and like to challenge others mentally and physically, and you also like to set challenges for yourself. At times, you can be self-orientated and even selfish. You can also display recklessness and experience difficulties through impatience.

5. Uranus in 3rd House astrology reading

An original thinker and communicator, you have the ability for outlining progressive and revolutionary ideas, or weird and eccentric ones. Your schooling may have been unusual in some way, or possibly interrupted. You have a low threshold for boredom and require ample intellectual stimulation. Modern technology, scientific breakthroughs, mystical subjects and whatever's "in", all interest you. Your relationships with relatives and neighbors are rarely dull.

6. Venus = Neptune/Pluto (+0z25' A )

Creative vision and inspiration. Psychic perception. The desire to investigate metaphysical and spiritual matters. A deeply devotional nature. Surrendering to the heart's desire. Believing in eternal love. Emotional intensity and passion. Difficulty letting go of loved ones; lingering attachments. Being consumed or obsessed with someone or something. Confused states. Addictive tendencies.

7. Venus = Jupiter/Midheaven (+1z15' S )

Embracing life wholeheartedly. Appreciating what life has to offer. Good fortune in love and partnership. Opportunities to advance personal aspirations and desires. Prospering materially and socially. Attaining status, artistic recognition or professional success. Satisfying personal desires. Expensive and extravagant tastes.