Numerology reading for 2015: numerology predictions using date of birth - April 1 2015, Your Career Number is FOUR

Free numerology predictions based on date of birth: APRIL 1, 2015

Numerology can both predict and not predict your future,

Prominent number types in Numerology include Life Path Number, Birth Date Number, Personality Number, Karmic Cycle Number and more.

Your Soul Number is THREE

You are a romantic and an optimist at heart, with a great appreciation for life and all of its pleasures and beauty. Your gifts are imagination, inspiration, the ability to dream and to create.

Your natural generosity, big-heartedness, and good humor wins you many friends. You have an inner joy and buoyancy which enables you to encourage and bring hope to others.

However, some consider you unrealistic and naive, for you are drawn to the bright side of life and avoid the dark or difficult aspects of people and situations as much as possible.
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You do seem to attract more than your share of the good things in life.

Comfort and ease come naturally to you. You are a very social creature and you especially enjoy being with creative, playful, spontaneous people. Theatre, dance, music, and other expressive arts have a strong appeal for you. Your weaknesses may include laziness, lack of discipline, and impracticality.

Your Personality Number is TWO

You have a pleasing and agreeable appearance that is inviting, approachable, and attractive to others.

You often wait for a cue from someone else before you let your own preferences be known, and you are amenable to changing your own ideas, or tastes, if it will please or maintain harmony with your companions. You support and complement whomever you are with, and do not feel you need to be in the spotlight.

You enjoy conversation, friendly companionship, and a peaceful environment. You try to avoid discord as much as possible, and due to your graciousness and gentle manner, you usually succeed.

You seem shy, indecisive, or lacing in confidence at times, for you rarely make bold, definite statements either in words or dress.

You are very concerned with how others see you and are careful about your appearance. Your taste in clothing is somewhat subdued, though neat and balanced. You wear light or neutral colors best.

Your Destiny Number is FIVE

You have a lively, curious, eager mind and are vitally interested in learning, experimenting, moving with the times, experiencing all you can. A stable, predictable environment that offers much the way of security but little in the way of variety, mental stimulation, movement, or change is not your cup of tea.

You seem unstable or unreliable, flitting from job to job or relationship to relationship, for once the challenge and the potential to learn something new is gone, you are impatient to move on. New ideas, new places and faces and unexplored territory beckons you. You may be an insatiable reader or traveler. Freedom, adventure, and change are your lifeblood.

You are an eloquent communicator, quick-witted, articulate, and fluent both orally and with the written word. Your sharp mind and mastery of language combine to make you an effective and entertaining speaker, salesperson, or teacher.

Your path lies in introducing new concepts and innovations, sparking discussion and controversy, and promoting change and progress.

Your Career Number is FOUR

You are suited for activities requiring discipline, endurance, punctuality, precision, accuracy, mastery of detail, logic, organization, order, a systematic approach.

Careers and Vocations: Engineer, mechanic, draftsman, architect, builder, carpenter, mason, contractor, dealer in furniture, coal, brick, building materials, hardware, manufacturer, technician or technical writer, computer analyst or programmer, army officer, actuary, accountant, trainer, manager, government work or civil service, librarian, office manager.

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You lack stamina and are disinclined to persistent effort and hard physical labor. Laziness and lack of discipline may prevent you from realizing your goals. Develop a more down to earth, realistic approach to life, and learn to finalize and complete one project before undertaking another one. You may be a person with much abstract knowledge but little technical know-how. Develop some practical skills.

You are disinclined to probe deeply beneath the superficial appearances of things to discover the hidden aspects, the underlying reasons and causes, the deeper meanings. As long as everything seems to be fine on the surface, you look no further. You may distrust introspection and the intuitive, non-rational, or mystical approach to life, and are often out of touch with your own inner feelings and deeper needs. You also may lack a real, personal, sustaining religious or spiritual faith.

You lack business sense and may have little interest or ambition for material achievements and success. You can be very impractical and naive about finances, investments, legal procedures, and the ways of the world, thereby making foolish decisions. Try to develop an interest and an education in these matters to prevent regrettable and costly mistakes of judgment in your finances. You need to learn to manage time and resources more efficiently.

You disdain commercialism and don't understand its value. Therefore you are unlikely to be able to sell either products or ideas to others, which in turn may prevent you from sharing your creative efforts with a wide audience.

You tend to be narrow and limited in your concerns, lacking an overall perspective and the sense of unity and oneness with those outside your own circle. Compassion, sympathy, generosity, and good will may be lacking. Try to develop a more altruistic, unselfish attitude.

Your instinctive response to any situation is to HOLD FIRM. You will not be coerced into anything and are generally unwilling to change the status quo unless given a very appealing reason to do so.

You need security and do not impulsively take risks or venture into untried waters.

Though not lacking in courage, you absolutely must have a sense of control, of going at your own pace. Custom and tradition have a significant place in your life and you have strong attachments to your family and place of origin. Stubborn and often extremely opinionated, no one should attempt to influence you by purely intellectual reasoning or arguments.

You won't budge. You are much more easily swayed by emotional appeals and by affection, for you have a soft heart. You are capable of much persistence and faithfulness to a purpose or person.

You are emotionally intense, often irrational and passionately driven to achieve your heart's desires.

You are not averse to secretive or even devious methods when you cannot get what you want directly. Willful and stubbornly determined, you are able to persist and endure, overcoming obstacles and winning success after many twists and turns on your path.

You go to extremes in matters of the heart or pocketbook, and you can be a fanatic regarding your personal beliefs and philosophy of life. No one tells you what to do!