MAY 2015, SCORPIO Tarot Card Reading: The Empress - you and your partner will find peace and persistence in your relationship

Scorpio May 2015 Tarot Reading Horoscope Forecast

As a Scorpio, you’re aware of the spoken message as well as the subtext and the body language, and you can’t help relishing the melodrama of it all. Your insights into human psychology are discerning, in part because you have such a wide range of experience.

The Empress stands for luxury, grace, mothering, abundance, material prosperity, pleasure, comfort, and power; She finds delight, desire, and tremendous attraction in nature; She finds good health, charisma, sensuality, and complete satisfaction in her life.

Her crown and the atmosphere around her indicates that she is having divine grace and is living every second of her life in joy and patience; Cultivating herself with sensuality and wisdom in a forested garden of unimaginable grace and creativity.

2015 Monthly Tarot Reading for Scorpio The crown with twelve stars indicate her dominion over the entire set of twelve months indicating that she is finding the life of a very high ranked angel, that she is in pleasure over her subjects and is mothering her entire empire; She is finding the respect and pride from her entire empire.
Tarot Zone Scorpio Horoscope May 2015 The Empress

A person who loves children and mothers them with unselfishness and love

The  Empress indicates the level of grown up state or adult-ness in a person. She also indicates the level of evolution of the wisdom, brain, and experience in the individual over time from early childhood to adulthood.

This tarot card advices an individual to grow up from a childish, unstable, or a crook personality, or foolish lifestyle into the level of a noble intelligent person with harnessed adult lifestyle; And accept the responsibilities and duties of an adult.

She sits on a very luxurious and soft throne which indicates her mental stability and the power to think broad and distant.

Tarot Reading for Scorpio May 2015 The Empress is able to satisfy herself before giving an advice to any of her subjects; And she thinks gracefully and patiently before making a statement.

She gives an advice which comes through her own creative will, but she thinks more from heart rather than brain and because of this, she may give an advice through what she had felt emotionally and thought that choice to be right.

Empress is the giver of earthly gifts, rewards, medals, and donations to any subject within the bounds of her empire. She gives more often although she receives from others more than she would give at a time.

She is respected by everyone because she creates her place in other's heart. This indicates a person who gives charming and desired gifts to others when it is required.

The Empress tarot card advises a person to become honest and charming; and to give gifts to others especially the people who are your allies or friends; Also to gift those also who are hiding jealousy inside their heart against you. To create a memorable and respective place in other's heart.

Empress is an emotional woman with great sensitiveness. She requires respect, care, and love from all her subjects. If she does not recieves respect, she becomes emotional and active; She gets disturbed.

Tarot Zone Scorpio Horoscope May 2015 Inside her mind lives a very weak soul and she would feel everything which happens to her or in her environment. She would also feel emotionally the suffering of others.

This tarot card indicates the reader of a person's high level of emotions and sensitiveness.

An individual who suffers even in joy and is in slow self-destruction, one who needs emotional care and love from others whom I desires. Hence these people on whom this card points to, need care and love from you and others also.

If someone loves you but does not have any bad feeling or adultery towards you, then you can share some time with them to make them happy and satisfied.

This also would happen in a circumstance involving the real living queen or the empress who is sometimes distracted by the suffering and too much love given by her loyal and weak subjects, so she has to love them and share her time with them in return.

This is one of the responsibility of an important person who is loved by others, loved even more by weaker and suffering beings.

The empress is an important person who demands more often. She deserves it but it takes her subjects a great effort to satisfy her. This indicates an individual whose demands are coming in truck-loads. It is advised to keep all the jumbled things in your closet before it's too late.

Don't demand more and not more often from a person who is rather incompatible towards you or doesn't wants you to demand more.

Don't demand when it's too early. Let yourself come in the other person's heart and then display your love and care to him. If you distract others or use the display of perversion, to seek them or to have something from them, it will not be supported and will not be helped.

A person who displays adultery to get something or extract something from honest men is not supported anymore by them.

Tarot Zone Scorpio Horoscope May 2015 The Empress is the symbol of patience and knowledge and she would not support this kind of attitude. She resembles both you and also your partner. If both of you are compatible to this Card, you and your partner will find peace and persistence in your relationship.

The Empress also indirectly stands of Mother Nature. It is being indicated from this entire view of the picture on this card that Mother Gaea wants to communicate any message to you through her super natural means.

She wants to show her caring attitude to you and wants you to believe and trust in her. Gaea wants to remind you of something, whether common or important. If this is so, she may hint you in your future endeavours what she has reminded you about.

Because the Empress is the most important female person in an empire, everyone obeys her and accept what she says, anything most often. Hence like her, Mother Nature is the empress of all nature, creatures, and every matter.

Tarot Reading for Scorpio May 2015 Nature creates new human beings, new insects, and everything but hides the secret in her heart only to tell it to her able offsprings. With this regard, Gaea reminds you the message and wants you to accept it diligently whether you do something about it or not.

Open to the fertility of the land and find abundance in your life. Allow creativity to flow through you. A call to return to nature. In quiet meditation, open to the stars above your head to receive the wisdom of Goddess.

 Align with your inner child and find bliss. You may or may not know who bestows such good fortune, but the care and nurturing that will result come as no accident. You will come to see that you are not alone, that you are being watched over.

What appears to be coincidental good luck may actually be the result of a series of good choices you have made. It's your turn to have things work out, to be blessed and nurtured. Relax in the knowledge that you are in good hands and that you are worthy of receiving this loving embrace.

This card means material abundance and fertility. It also indicates balance and stability in one's life. The empress is an open person and is able to be fair in most situations. For those in the arts your dream of creative projects will be realised.

2015 Monthly Tarot Reading for Scorpio The cross of women depicted on her throne indicates a woman's in one's life who is intelligent, a woman who is sensual and wants respect from all the family.

She has a true woman's knowledge regarding the female nature, feminine nature of the universe. She is able to differentiate between male and female and the things given to both of them.

She divides the male and female objects in her mind and keeps them in different places. She possesses the wisdom to know a man's needs and what man is ought to become. She poses a threat to other females who try to invade her husband's life.

The Empress fears losing her position and property. She is generous to her allies and friends but is wicked towards her enemies and those who display jealousy in front of her.

And she feels everything in the communication.  Loves to attend social parties.