May 2015, LIBRA Tarot Card Reading: Five Of Swords - stay away from conflict, fight, or any quarrel with another individual

May 2015, LIBRA Tarot Card Reading: The meanings and secrets for Five Of Swords Tarot Card

To select defeat if your defeat peacefully saves multitudes of innocent lives, to select one of two decisions whether to fight the battle or whether to accept defeat and flee, the consequences of a war or a battle or of a conflict, consequences of violence, either to face brutal or bloody consequences of enmity or surrender and getaway, to surrender or to continue to fight on till you last, to give up weapons and enmity in order to attain mental peace and existential stability as well as to retain one's dignity in a harmonious way in one's own heart, the sign declaring you to accept the choice of surrender and non-violence in a peaceful way rather than trying to win the war with violence and bloodshed, similarly if the choice is entirely up to you and that on your shoulders the burden of the life of many innocent people is kept, you should then better choose non-violence and peace rather than to involve all your clan into bloodshed and war, this card is a warning that warns you not to
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May 2015 LIBRA Tarot Card Oracle
escalate the ongoing steady quarrel or a conspiracy into a brutal tragedy of violence and bloodshed, a warning that warns you to calm down and try to extinguish the fire of social unrest in a very peaceful and humane way before the fire chars up the entire society and even you yourself.

May 2015, LIBRA Tarot Card Reading: The reading for Five Of Swords tarot Card was

To ceasefire, to stop the battle or a war or a fight or a quarrel. To accept defeat courageously and to do penance for the sins occurred through violence.

To give up fight, battle, competition, contest, duel, and violence in any relationship or with someone and to walk away from having conflicts and battles with those who are eager for them with you.

To use intelligence and to show grace and kindness to those who have become enemies.

To face defeat, loss, violence, and humiliation which occurred after a battle. To beg for pardon and forgiveness from those who were in conflict with you.

To retreat even when humiliation and loss of pride occurs, and to let enemies and others feel emotions and positive thoughts for you, and to let others come to you for forgiveness.

An individual who lets others win.

The display of fortitude and acceptance of losing the battle and to show the adulthood and a loving personality to the enemy or the individual who is in conflict with you. One who compromises with the superior and strong enemy.

The use of intelligence in case of violence to save oneself from any danger and bloodshed. To prevent bloodshed and violence. The period of intense sorrowful reflection after a violent loss or a defeat whether by an enemy or by natural means.

May 2015, LIBRA Tarot Card Oracle This card also points to the theory that one who has more number of weapons, and a quick intelligence, experience, emotionless grace in fighting, and brutal cruelty, has more possibility to win the conflict or a battle against even multiple enemies.

One who is strong and powerful will always win the battle so the use of intelligence and alertness can be a common solution to prevent dangers from the powerful enemies. The prediction of loss is indicated when violence occurs therefore to protect oneself and escape from the place where violence occurs is also a measured decision which can save life.

To compromise with a common enemy gives time for obtaining newer ideas of how to get away from him. The Five Of Swords tarot card advises to stay away from conflict, fight, or any quarrel with another individual.