May 2015 CAPRICORN Numerology Reading: You have a sense of adventure and a willingness to try a new path

May 2015 CAPRICORN Numerology Life Path Reading

Begin by acknowledging that Capricorn has a strong sense of privacy, proprietary, and emotional reserve.

Society depends on Capricorn because you have the ability to step outside of yourself, to consider the needs of others, and to develop realistic strategies for fulfilling those needs.

On the other hand, you're a traditionalist with a strong sex drive and a deep need to be comforted, admired, and connected. Your ideal partner is accomplished, well put-together, and worthy in the eyes of the world.

This is general numerological analysis.

Numerological analysis does not take into account, name and date of birth, but only the sign.

May 2015 CAPRICORN Numerology Life Path Oracle

Friendly, gregarious, sociable, and communicative, you bring a cheerful attitude and a light touch to whatever you do.
May 2015 CAPRICORN Numerology Life Path Interpretation
2015 Capricorn Life Path Analysis

You are gifted with the ability to express yourself clearly, openly and easily, and you love to exchange ideas and impressions with others.

You could be an excellent teacher or salesperson; negatively, your "gift for gab" could make you a tattle-tale and a gossip. It is hard for you to keep things to yourself!

You have numerous interests and tend to scatter your energy and attention into too many directions at once. You may need to overcome carelessness and learn to use your time and energy efficiently.

You have a gift for creative self-expression and speaking, singing, writing , or the performing arts are your cup of tea.

Deep, serious, introspective, and analytical, you accept nothing at face value, and you are always probing into the hidden side or deeper meaning of situations and people. You are fascinated by the mysterious and unknown.

May 2015 CAPRICORN Numerology Life Path Predictions

You enjoy periods of solitude in peaceful surroundings, and need time to study, reflect, or meditate.

You may be given to much daydreaming and flights of the imagination as well. The ocean has a powerful attraction for you.

Private, reserved, and rather secretive, there are probably very few who truly know and understand your inner thoughts, feelings, hopes, and aspirations.

Unless you learn to share your deeper self more freely, and to be less of an idealistic perfectionist, you may be rather lonely.
Your destiny requires you to be a seeker of deeper truths and to separate yourself in some way from everyday, mundane concerns so that you may concentrate on understanding the underlying causes and deeper meanings, the hidden side of life. 

Studious, introspective, analytical, and deep, you are drawn to the study of psychology, philosophy, religion and metaphysics, or to scientific investigation. 

You are thoughtful, intuitive, and insightful, and have much to offer people who ask serious questions and are seeking wisdom, but you have no taste for superficial interactions and light sociability. 

May 2015 CAPRICORN Numerology Life Path Forecast

Sensitive, discriminating, and something of a perfectionist, you choose carefully who you associate with and how you spend your time. 

Periods of solitude for quiet reflection, meditation, or study are very necessary for you. 

You are also inclined to be gloomy at times and find retreating to nature, especially to the ocean, will restore your spirits.

You can be very impractical and naive about finances, investments, legal procedures, and the ways of the world, thereby making foolish decisions. 

Try to develop an interest and an education in these matters to prevent regrettable and costly mistakes of judgment in your finances. 

You need to learn to manage time and resources more efficiently.