March 2015 SNAKE Chinese Horoscope Forecast: a good month for meeting lots of people

2015 Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Snake

A powerful Solar Eclipse on March 20 will challenge many (particularly Dragon, Snake, and Monkey natives) to surrender old patterns and move in new directions. What falls away now is no longer necessary for a happy and rewarding life.


It is important that they don’t expect too much in this aspect. If anything positive is about to happen, that will occur spontaneously, and not by being forced.

On the other hand, relationships with other people (in marriage, family or friendship) should be as healthy and as natural as possible.

It is convenient that any tension that arises will be immediately solved by an honest and enlightening conversation.
2015 March Chinese Horoscope for Snake
2015 Monthly Chinese Horoscope Forecast

Snake relationship well be tested in March 2015 and if it’s not solid, it may not survive forecast the 2015 Chinese predictions for the Snake.

The Snakes should proceed to a decisive charge on all the fronts; thus, in 2015 year of the Wooden Sheep they will have to spend much time and money on their physical appearance and self-improvement to be able to win hearts with both good looks and high intellect.

If you are single, it may be because you want to be.

March 2015 is a good month for meeting lots of people, but not as much for settling down with the one.

March 2015 SNAKE Chinese Horoscope Romance is not a big priority this month.

If you've been healing romantic disappointments, dust off your heart and put on your dancing shoes.

Honing your empathy and listening skills can only benefit you this year. Make being present for others your new forte.

Try to keep a tight rein on a jealous component of your soul and don’t torment your other half with hurtful accusations.

In the actual case of this year, they must believe fully in that power. If they realize they are “after” something, that is a sign revealing that they are not in tune with their personal power, for they are not believing in it.

March 2015 SNAKE Chinese Horoscope But if they are completely self-confident, so much as not to try anything and simply wait for what they deserve to come to them, that will mean they are in tune with the power, and that the miracles will begin to happen.

In March 2015 be patient and don’t stop your enemies from taking their own foolish steps!

While romantic relationships can be tricky in 2015, friendships will be simpler. This is a month when you well need your friends and family, as they will be a grounding force this year.