March 2015 AQUARIUS Tarot Reading: Two of Swords - A new possibility in which one is engaged with high determination

March 2015 AQUARIUS Tarot Reading: Two of Swords meanings

Aquarius (20 January – 19 February)  is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius.

The meanings and secrets for Two of Swords Tarot Card

Uncertainty, undetermined, confused, indecision due to prevalent existence of numerous of humane and inhumane choices thus leading to dissatisfaction anxiety and tension, a man who has eyes to see but is blinded from his inner mind, an organism who has brain but no wisdom, and totally ineligible, incompatible organism, a weak organism, one who continues doing illicit activity and never halts doing it even when he is requested to halt doing it, a loose character being, illiterate, foolish, a foul personality being, one who jumps into dangerous or totally unacceptable daredevil actions places and events without having even a slight sense of honor society and humanity, one who exists without a brain, lacks wisdom, one who forsakes what is righteous and humane, a human being having a locked
March 2015 AQUARIUS Tarot Reading
 2015 AQUARIUS Tarot Oracle
up brain, a corrupt being, heartless being, an evil being, a criminal who does not knows what he has been doing due to his ignorance illiteracy and lack of wisdom.

March 2015 AQUARIUS Tarot Oracle  Doubt, denying the correct decision even though there remains an equal balance  in mind and body, retains power to still take correct decisions, due to experience and talent one has gained since a long time.

Another meaning of Two of Swords tarot card can be: Foolish and unplanned endeavor, work, project, or decision; Without any benefit and any desired result.

A dangerous and unplanned decision or a challenge where no other person exists but only you because others know this and remain away and you alone are falling into a trap.

Hence a ditch, trap, evil, conspiracy, plot, signs of fall and malice where one fights without any benefit and has chances to fall down or become a prey to the predators or the trap itself.

A place where one is sitting having dangerous challenges and is blinded from mind, is half-dead and doesn't knows that behind him is an ocean where he can fall at anytime and there is no other individual who will save him; hence falling into the quick sand of crimes, homicides, sins, and evil, falling into the ocean of evil.

Performing any unwanted task unnecessarily in which he can become prey to dangers which wait inside that task or the project.

March 2015 AQUARIUS Tarot Oracle  To become blind even when one has working eyes, to play challenges blindly when eyes are required to remain open and to find obstacles in challenges, loss of feelings when the feelings and emotions were needed to uplift an individual, to begin a new project with uncertainty and while knowing that there can be loses also.

This tarot card also indicates that one has to face the distasteful and unpleasent reality hidden with that project or a challenge which is accepted by the individual, hence new beginnings but no rule to govern them, no information of any dangers or obstacles within them.

The Two of Swords card tells of a young man with mind-blindness who begins a new project and behind him lies an ocean where he has to safely climb in safe islands and has to reach either the other continent or has to safely return back to his home.

A new possibility in which one is engaged with high determination, excitement, and interest, and working with patience and talent