JUNE 2015 VIRGO TAROT ORACLE: Eight Of Swords - Unable to obtain dignity and equity in a relationship

June 2015 Virgo Tarot Horoscope Forecast

In the life of a typical Virgo, hypochondria is a dragon you have to slay (which is one reason Virgos often immerse themselves in the Merck Manual or become fascinated by alternative healing techniques). A healthful diet, sufficient exercise, and a reliable method for reducing stress are essential.

Some of you may move to a smaller place, downsizing. With family, you can have more strained relationships and you realistically evaluate if they've been positive contributors to your life, and let go of the ones that haven’t been.

JUNE 2015 VIRGO Oracle: Tarot Card Eight Of Swords

To be captured by negativity, blue, and isolation. Unable to free oneself from grief, and unable to escape the wrong and imposed relationships such as of friendly love, and loving relationships.

Unable to obtain dignity and equity in a relationship.

Others successfully impose their rule and law on one's life.

An individual who is humiliated, deprived, and suppressed by others especially in important relationships. A weak, less intelligent, and straight person who is easily trapped in conspiracies, plot, magic, and influence of others.

2015 Tarot and Sign Virgo Oracle Reading
Blindness or inconvenience when seeking the correct solution and option from numerous of both correct and incorrect options; confusing and acting strange when to take a correct decision.

To not be able to leave and forget the past or any bad memory.

Cracks and scars in one's past lives leading to despair and stigma.

A mentally weak, highly sensitive human being with confusing personality who easily becomes sad and blind when he has to stand against even to simple odds in society and relationships.

An individual who jumbles his own decisions and options upon himself doing lot more than it would actually take or needed.

This card also points to isolation in which a person abandons worldly affairs and falls into depression with the reason of failure to stand against challenges and even simple social obstacles, even from work.

Depression due to failure in work, project, affair, competition, duel, contest, conflict, battle, injustice, loss, exam, endeavor, research, are common things, and falling into isolation due to this pattern is also common sometimes, for those who are weaker people in society.

To rise from isolation and problems with help from others is a simple solution.

Tarot Card Eight Of Swords Meanings:

wiki-eight-of-swords-tarot-cards-meaningsUnable to free oneself by one's own effort, nothingness, negative patterns, self-enforced and self-imposed depression, period of severe desperation and suspicion, isolation, blue, to remain in severe self-imposed suspicion about something or someone, a victim ready to get rid of pain from the sore of the relationship by dying from that relationship, an imprisoned being who is ever ready to be freed whether in the world or by dying, a person who is going to die from a relationship or an affair, isolation, mental instability, total despair, a victim of any tragedy, a prisoner, one who has received injustice either from you or from any other person, injustice, a weak person caught in the center of battles or in bad situations, a weak meek human being with no good luck therefore cannot survive alone, forsakened, an abandoned being, a weak human being with very less wisdom, a victim caught in the hands of corruption ready to be sacrificed.

You have trouble seeing reality, always getting lost in fantasy, and can see other people try to take advantage of you. You can have rose-colored glas

Virgo: Tarot Astrology The Basic Facts
  • Polarity: Negative Favorable Colors: Navy and neutrals
  • Quality: Mutable Lucky Gem: Peridot
  • Element: Earth Part of the Body: The nervous system
  • Symbol: The Virgin Metal: Mercury
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury Key Phrase: I analyze
  • Opposite Sign: Pisces Major Traits: Analytical, fault-finding