JUNE 2015 GEMINI TAROT ORACLE: Ace of cups - card reminds you to leave the bad past, wrong habits, wrong friends, and begin a new life

It is essential for you to be in harmonious surroundings that have a personal, loving touch. 

Even in your office or work place, you will create an environment that is warm, comfortable, and "homey".

In June 2015, Gemini tend to dress modestly and are not especially fashion conscious, though they do have an eye for what is appealing and harmonious.

You often put your family or other people ahead of yourself, and you may neglect your personal appearance.

JUNE 2015 GEMINI TAROT ORACLE Ace of cups Tarot Cards is an auspicious card of the Holy Spirit; Represents the Holy Spirit.

Predicts: The hand of Brahman holding a chalice representing the five elements, which are in the constant and unending form of water stream, they fall with persistence into a flourishing lake which represents the human being's mortal body.
2015 Gemini Monthly Tarot reading

The five streams of divine water also represent the multiple threads of life which are required for any creature to live and see.

The leaves falling randomly side by side with the divine streams represent the God element or any form of unique consciousness, and even the book of life, the mechanism of one's own life, coming from the eternal machine of souls where life itself comes from universal consciousness or the magnificent emperor.

JUNE 2015 GEMINI TAROT ORACLE The five elements, the threads of life in the form of divine water falling down on someone. Until the five elements in the form of constant stream mix into the lake, it retains itself and it's water supply and provides it's creatures to live on and feed on the lake's replenishable resources, and also retains itself as a sweet and lively home for plants which produce fruit and flowers; If the five elements are disturbed or even any one of the streams is disturbed or engaged, the damage or harm occurs to the lake of life and it's environment.

Similarly, the evaporation of the water from the lake of life will damage the life that exists in the lake's environment. Indicates from it's meaning: the mortal flesh body will replenish upon constant supply of five elements in their divine forms.

Till the body lasts, it will be home to microorganisms and cells; this human being will also be the source of life to other human beings who will survive dependent on this certain human being. For instance, a mother who gives birth to her offsprings.

Her offsprings depend on her; A universal law of humanity and nature that every creature has mother who protects, feeds, and nurtures her offspring.

She would even care for other mother's offsprings; this humanity also points to Mother nature or Gaea who protects, preserves, cares, and feeds even other world's or the other Gaea's children.

One whom others trust and remain dependant for protection, preservation, and survival. The five elements are: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Sunlight.

These five elements are the basis of life on earth and from these elements everything is protected, preserved, nurtured, and produced. The five elements are like the hands of a mother who feeds child, cares for him, and baths him from her hands , holds his body to love him, and plays with her offspring. Although these five elements are more than divine because even divine beings live from these elements. While the five elements are hands of mother, the God element is mother herself, also is her womb from where the new baby or a creature is born.

JUNE 2015 GEMINI TAROT FORECAST The God element is her own person which cares the infant and even talks with him. This would point to the names of mythical famed entities: Mother nature, Mother Earth, Gaea, and Eve. Realization of one of the universal knowledge of enlightenment that every creature whether inferior or superior is the true and most genuine offspring of Mother nature or the magnificent emperor, Brahman. When one understands this entirely, he will become sorrowful.

He would not be able to deny the fact that Mother nature's children are suffering everywhere and this world is a hell. Brahman keeps a constant watch and serves the universe-nature to spread ultra-creative life force and to create planets, stars, and galaxies; This is depicted in the card's picture as the greater intelligence keeping the chalice of life into it's hand. Indicates: knowledge of suffering and chaos, to face hell and to imagine what heavens may look like, luck and auspiciousness of the time in one's life when nature tries to help him in any way whether the creature is her offspring or not.

Here the Card indicates a man who must be in balance with all five elements + the sixth element, the God element. In the picture of the card, the Dove is holding the bread and is dipping it into the divine chalice filled with eternal water of life.

This means that God is watching the living creatures who are constantly receiving the base elements, Holy Spirit, and God element.

All the five elements plus the God element are combined with the power of Holy Spirit which descends on the mortal creatures.

JUNE 2015 GEMINI NUMBER LIFE PATH Whenever the God element enters into the mortal body, new life seed or the body's past seed sprouts back into the body and a specific mortal creature returns back to life; Means: Resurrection and Reincarnation.

The falling of the water streams into a graceful lake filled with flowers and diverse living creatures indicates the bliss and God's divine creativity. Now here Resurrection and Reincarnation mean that one has returned to life from a dead form because of the help of Dove which dips the bread of life into a living-dead mortal body.

This indicates to a possibility of a reminder: Brahman has given life and freedom back to the individual who has been revived from the dead, a painful and horrifying past into which an individual was living; One has been revived and released from the bad past, a bad life, criminal life, prison, jail, asylum, a pathetic life-style and is being guided by the true Holy Spirit or the nature on the command or influence of angels, or a saint; The Dove which represents an angel especially; and works through his own independent choice and intelligence. He is not captured or enslaved by anyone and makes decisions on his own; He can accept the request or advice from other angels, saints, and the Hierophant.

This TAROT card reminds you to leave the bad past, wrong habits, wrong friends, and begin a new life as soon as possible or else you will be late to catch a new change which would be provided by the Holy Spirit.

The card warns that there is only a fixed amount of life till one's soul is released from the body.

JUNE 2015 GEMINI TAROT PREDICTIONS This is indicated with the depiction of Dove holding the bread of life, dipping it into the chalice, and thereafter taking it out of the chalice; He would repeat this act whenever he likes.

Till the bread of life is in the chalice, Holy Spirit will guide you, and when the bread of life is taken out, either Holy Spirit will stop helping you or your soul will be released, hence everything has a fixed and planned time in this world.

Even the world has a fixed time to offer itself to all life. You have to be quick, before the Holy Spirit's help ceases. You will be able to change into a noble man and do the lively works and actions which you were ought to do but never did before. This card indicates that this is the time for acting upon a difficult work, event, relation, work, challenge, project. As the card predicts that its an auspicious time for a dedicated project, activity, or conversion from bad human being into God's wise servant. The card calls the reader to seek any holy purpose in one's life.

This card also indicates that when any of the elements are disturbed in the mortal body, the body obtains damage in both forms: the mortal realm, and the spiritual realm.

The damage is done to the divine matter which makes up the entire soul. It is possible that disturbing the multiple threads of life or any or all of the five elements in one's body can damage the mind, nervous system, organ, heart, or any cellular structure and bone in the mortal flesh body.

This alerts the reader to check the health of mind, body, and soul and if something is found wrong, he must correct his health to balance the elements into his body.

If it is not done, the damage to his consciousness will surely occur and he would eventually become weaker and challenged than the other creatures.

JUNE 2015 GEMINI TAROT ORACLE:  Ace of cups Tarot Cards Meanings

Symbol of Holy Spirit, Grace, Creativity, Freshness, childish playfulness, blessed activity, happiness, positivity, fresh and clear mind, clean, clean of mind, holy wisdom, purification of wisdom, learning of new knowledge not known by others, clean of heart, and to cleanse the negativity corruption and suspicion of others by truth and positive attitude, gifts of Holy Spirit, to be changed into a childish playful human being as if the time has rewinded back into your childhood, reestablishment of the positive powers of mind heart and the five senses and renewal of one's life from bad to charmingly good, a gifted time or an event in one's life, a divine blessing, blessed time or a blessed event, guided and or being animated by Holy Spirit, being gifted with divine blessings.

You cannot be deceptive or hide your true thoughts and intentions very easily. You are generally unafraid of what other people think of you. You dare to be yourself. Often, in fact, you appear oblivious to the impact your actions have on other people, and you may seem arrogant.