Aries Numerology Predictions, April 5 - 11, 2015: express yourself more freely and creatively

Numerology Report for Aries born on April 5 - 11, 2015

Enthusiastic, inspiring, and exhilarating, Aries is a force of nature like no other. Blessed with boundless energy and a bold, appealing personality, you have a zest for life that other signs can only envy.

Aries Personality Number SIX meanings

People are naturally drawn to you for advice, counseling, comfort, and assistance, for you radiate a sympathetic and protective concern for the well-being of others. You seem motherly or fatherly, and you inspire confidence and trust. You have a helpful, understanding demeanor and you like to be of service.

It is essential for you to be in harmonious surroundings that have a personal, loving touch. Even in your office or work place, you will create an environment that is warm, comfortable, and "homey".

You tend to dress modestly and are not especially fashion conscious, though you do have an eye for what is appealing and harmonious. You often put your family or other people ahead of yourself, and you may neglect your personal appearance.
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Usually you have other priorities ahead of your wardrobe or personal adornment. You dress mainly for comfort, and exotic, dramatic, flamboyant styles are definitely not for you.

Aries Destiny Number SIX meanings

You have a very helpful and sympathetic nature and your path lies in supporting, assisting, and serving others. You feel a sense of responsibility for human welfare and social justice and betterment, and have a strong protective concern for children, the ill, aged, or others in need of care. The helping professions, community service, or work with charitable organizations would be very fulfilling for you.

You are also very domestic and devoted to your home and your family's well-being. If you are a parent, that may well be the most meaningful and important part of your life. You invest much of your time, love, and creativity making your house a HOME - a beautiful, warm, comfortable place to be and you have old-fashioned tastes, preferring the homemade or personal touch to something fancy, slick, and mass-produced.

You love and crave beauty, and have an artistic sense of harmony, balance, and color. You would enjoy flower gardening, making crafts, home decorating, etc.

Aries Career Number ONE meanings

You are suited for activities calling for creativity, originality, inventiveness, courage, and initiative. You are a pioneer and explorer. Avoid partnerships - you are a dominant individual who needs to be in charge.

Careers and Vocations: Leader, executive, director, manager, foreman, head of a department, owner of your own business, inventor, originator and promoter of new methods or products, free-lancer, contractor, independent operator, self-made man or woman.

You lack courage, forcefulness, decisiveness, and a strong sense of self. You need to build up your confidence in yourself, assert yourself more boldly, and rely more on your own wisdom and approval rather than always looking to others for direction and answers. Try to discover you unique talents, what you do best, and develop them.

You are frequently inconsiderate of others and lack the ability to truly cooperate, compromise, and appreciate the other person's point of view. You need to develop a sensitive awareness of others' needs and concerns. You give only what you want to give and relate only on your own terms. Try to be more flexible.

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You often lack a sense of humor and joy in living. You need to allow yourself to play, be spontaneous, and express yourself more freely and creatively. Try to adopt a more generous, cheerful attitude.

You are also uneasy and unsure of yourself in social situations and must learn to overcome your tendency to withhold your thoughts and emotions. Singing would be an excellent way for you to free up your resistance to open communication.

You lack stamina and are disinclined to persistent effort and hard physical labor. Laziness and lack of discipline may prevent you from realizing your goals. Develop a more down to earth, realistic approach to life, and learn to finalize and complete one project before undertaking another one.

You may be a person with much abstract knowledge but little technical know-how. Develop some practical skills.

You may be disinclined to speak or interact in social situations and are thereby excluded from much stimulating and renewing contact with others.

You lack curiosity and the desire to investigate possibilities, learn new ways, and experiment with the unfamiliar. Your inflexibility can lead to stagnation and a narrow, limited experience of life. Try to be more versatile and open to change, new ideas and people.

You are disinclined to probe deeply beneath the superficial appearances of things to discover the hidden aspects, the underlying reasons and causes, the deeper meanings. As long as everything seems to be fine on the surface, you look no further.

You may distrust introspection and the intuitive, non-rational, or mystical approach to life, and are often out of touch with your own inner feelings and deeper needs. You also may lack a real, personal, sustaining religious or spiritual faith.

Your head, rather than your heart, rules you. You follow a logical, carefully planned course or action in order to achieve your goals in life. You will calculate your strategy, then quietly implement it, often surprising others with your results. Behind your rather mild exterior, there lies much strength of character, and often great ambitions and aspirations.