Aries Astrology Zone: April 5 -11, 2015 Natal Horoscope Birthday: You are idealistic in love, and this is likely to bring you disappointments

2015 Aries Natal Horoscope Forecast

This Natal Horoscope is a general horoscope. This horoscope, ignores the region and time of birth.

The astrological year starts on the spring equinox, which is the first day of Aries, the sign of the Ram. Because you’re ruled by Mars, the planet named after the Roman god of war, you’re spirited, straightforward, courageous, and enterprising. Yours is the sign of new beginnings.

Aries Major Life Themes Chart Interpretation Natal Horoscope April 5 - 11, 2015

Each astrological influence described in this report is a resource available to you. It is up to you to express these energy patterns in the best possible way. It is possible to repress, block, or try to avoid issues, or to fight yourself; hopefully this report will help clarify issues in your life, and encourage you to master your life rather than be a victim of circumstances.

a) Sun-Mercury-Uranus 1st or 3rd Harmonic meanings

You have quick reflexes, and you learn very quickly. You have the ability to pick things up quickly, invent or discover something, without knowing as many technical details as other people, or without even knowing quite how you got the correct solution to a problem. You are clever and ingenious, but hopefully you also have patience and discipline; otherwise, you might jump impatiently from one idea to the next with little consistency.
Aries Astrology Zone April 5 -11 2015 Natal Horoscope Birthday

b) Sun-Mercury-Pluto 4th Harmonic forecast

When you get interested in a subject, you like to go all the way, uncovering the depths of the subject. You are a person that really loves to learn, but your love of learning ironically sometimes causes you to lose interest in academics! Memorization, the drudgery of homework, and competing for better grades are not exciting to you; what is exciting to you is discovery, and finding out the hidden causes of something. Once you uncover how something works, you can become a little fanatical about
its importance and lose perspective.

c) Sun-Uranus-Pluto 4th Harmonic meanings

You are a free-spirit and an independent person. You are on a mission to do things in a new, creative way. Before you tear down old walls, make sure that the new wall you plan to build is really a better one. If you think things through carefully, you truly can break new ground, open new doors, invent and create something unique.

d) Moon-Mars-Saturn 24th Harmonic  (24=3x8)

Very often you are a serious no-nonsense person who focuses on the really important issues and the work that needs to be done. You are responsible and willing to perform tedious tasks in order to ensure that a job is done correctly.

e) Mercury-Uranus-Pluto 4th Harmonic predictions

You are a very creative and intense thinker. You find most other people to be much too slow, shallow, and weak-willed for your bold and daring ideas. You do well in an environment that allows you to invent, research, analyze, and learn at your own pace.

f) Jupiter Opposition Moon/Mars 0 deg 10 min

You have creative talents that you may take for granted. You are a good team player and you can be a good leader. You know how to motivate others and get the job done. Your positive, constructive attitude helps bring you success in life.

g) Sun Conjunct Venus/Neptune 0 deg 24 min

Art is very important to you. You succeed in any area that involves imaginative art and creativity. You are idealistic in love, and this is likely to bring you disappointments, but your idealism and vision can eventually succeed in bringing yourself and others a more beautiful and perfect world.

h) Mars Conjunct Mercury/Venus 0 deg 18 min

You have excellent aptitude for understanding the arts, and you are talented in artistic areas as well. You enjoy making things that are beautiful, and you succeed in areas that require an aesthetic sense as well as technical ability. You also have some talent for psychology, and you could be good as a marriage counselor, for example.

i) Uranus Conjunct Venus/Neptune 0 deg 22 min

Your romantic relationships are likely to be unusual. You are dreamy, idealistic, and excitable, and it is difficult for you to think clearly and objectively when involved in a romantic relationship. It is best to not rush into commitments quickly, as it takes time to see if your relationship has the ingredients for long-term commitment.

j) Mars Conjunct Venus/Uranus 0 deg 48 min

You have very strong romantic and sexual feelings. You are likely to fall in, and out of, love at least a few times before settling down so it is probably not a good idea for you to marry early in life. You love music and probably dance also. It is important that sexuality does not overpower the importance of love, kindness, or mutual understanding in your romantic relationships because otherwise you can be unfulfilled in the long run.

k) Venus Conjunct Jupiter/Neptune 0 deg 37 min

Your artistic tastes, preferences in clothing and food, are rich, exotic, or unusual in some way. You like things that are foreign and you may even marry someone from another country. You can be generous without being discriminating, which can result in wastefulness, and you should be careful when investing or taking risks to make sure you have thoroughly analyzed the situation before committing yourself to it.

l) Mars Conjunct Sun/Venus 1 deg 11 min

You are creative, and you succeed in areas that allow you to make something beautiful, attractive, or entertaining. You are also romantic, and your happiness in romantic relationships is a big determinant of your overall happiness.

m) Pluto Conjunct Moon/Neptune 1 deg 14 min

You have great sensitivity to subtle changes in feelings. Mystical or unusual music probably appeals to you, and you feel more at home in an environment that is very imaginative. You enjoy art and music that are deep and profound rather than light and

n) Neptune Conjunct Mars/Pluto 1 deg 32 min

Performing daily chores bores you, but if something captures your imagination, you can work fanatically without taking time to even rest or possibly even to eat. You can be successful in an area that allows you to apply yourself with the complete dedication that you are capable of.

o) Jupiter Opposition Sun/Saturn 1 deg 44 min

You have good organizational skills. You are able to intuitively sense the structure and overall design and plan, and you are able to take devise reasonable strategies for achieving realistic goals. You can use your talent in the world of business or as an administrator.

p) Sun-Moon-Mars 61st Harmonic

You become bored when you are not challenged. You become irritated if there isn't some lively activity to get involved in. Engaging in competitive sports is good for you. You are very sensitive to feeling dominated or pushed around by others, and you may feel provoked to assert yourself over relatively minor incidents.

r) Sun-Mercury-Saturn 122nd Harmonic

You are methodical and logical. In elementary school and even in high school, you may sometimes have felt that you are a slow learner, but actually it is only your insistence on gaining a thorough, complete, and logical understanding of a subject that caused any problems. Other people are content with relatively superficial explanations whereas you often seek a level of clarity that even the teacher may not be capable of providing. Your quiet, structured, and disciplined approach to learning can
help you excel in many areas as long as you have the self-confidence and patience to allow yourself to master the material.

s) Sun-Jupiter-Neptune 28th Harmonic  (28=7x4)

You like to look at the big picture. You are philosophical, and some people think you are too abstract and too distant from the down-to-earth details of daily living. You succeed in areas where your future-oriented, broad views can bring tangible benefits.

t) Moon-Mercury-Neptune 10th Harmonic  (10=5x2)

You have good imagination and intuition. You have a talent for understanding, and perhaps also producing, poetry and fictional literature. You work well with children, and also have a strong inclination to become involved in music and the arts.

u) Venus-Mars-Pluto 125th Harmonic  (125=5x5x5)

You are very passionate. Intense romantic relationships may engender jealousy and possessiveness in either you or your partner, and this can lead to difficulty. You are also creative and able to make very beautiful things.

v) Venus-Saturn-Pluto 114th Harmonic  (114=19x6)

You are likely to feel that loved ones, such as parents, romantic partners, or good friends, for example, have carelessly overlooked what is important to you or have not responded fully to your needs. Partly this is because you seek great depth of feeling and honesty in a relationship. Also, you sometimes feel alienated or distant and prefer to be alone.

x) Mars-Jupiter-Uranus 59th Harmonic

You are enthusiastic and optimistic about your plans. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you are able to motivate and inspire others with your vision and optimism. You are dynamic and energetic. You should utilize your gift of optimism and dynamism to do the things that are important to you.