APRIL 2015 TAURUS HOROSCOPE forecast: Do not let your indulgence ear into your purse

Taurus is creatively gifted. Chances are you have talent in at least one of the arts, including music, dance, sculpture, painting, design, architecture, cooking, gardening, and the fine art of relaxing.

Taurus, unlike Aries, doesn't get angry easily, for which the rest of the world is grateful. But when you do blow up . . . let’s just say that some of the worst mass murderers and dictators in history.

Taurus Forecast for April 2015 Your loyalty and common sense are formidable, so that when people fail to live up to their promises or take actions that jeopardize your emotional stability and overall security, you feel the effects more keenly than most.

There are many lessons to be learned in relationships this year, and your greatest teachers will be the people who challenge you, even hurt you.

The rewards are to be found in widening your outlook, whether this entails travelling to foreign countries and working with people at or from a distance.
Astrology Zone Taurus Predictions for April 2015

This month, it becomes clearer that you have to do something about claiming that inheritance. It is also the year during which you have to work with others if you are to make that occur. You can't do it on your own.

Taurus Forecast for April 2015 One particularly important 'other person' is about to start playing a very big role in helping you become more of who you were always born to be.

Be careful, however, to go slowly into any new relationship - with Venus, your protective planet, in conjunction with Mars (the sex appeal aspect) and Uranus, planet of surprise, you may be falling for a person who is not available. Go slowly and get to know your new love interest well before you go head over heels.

Those of you who are single might nevertheless feel some angst or pressure. This lack in your life might suddenly seem magnified, like a gaping hole in your life.

You might lose hope, temporarily, that you'll ever find a strong, committed partnership.

If already into a relationship this year shall bring you much closer to your loved one. Beware of your moves in the romantic arena this year.

Taurus Predictions for April 2015 Some intimate relations are likely but make sure you curb your desires to the maximum possible. Patience is the key to relationship deals.

Either a relationship which inhibits you will evolve to the point where it no longer does that, or a more important relationship will blossom between you and somebody who really can help you bring out the very best of yourself.

Change continues to accelerate, uncovering new interests, testing your current relationships, and altering the purpose of your life.

It's natural for a steadfast Taurus to hold on to the status quo, rather than adapting to shifting circumstances. Fortunately, this process will grow easier once you realize that resistance is futile.

Taurus Predictions for April 2015 Finances would be constrained during the start of the year. There is scope for you to improve the comforts in your life. Do not let your indulgence ear into your purse.

The end of the April shall see you sitting on a huge bounty of finances that might by way of luck or inheritance.

Deepening your strengths will involve remembering the reasons why you formed alliances with some individuals long ago and discovering more about the people you are linked to and the community you are a part of.

However, some responsibilities and restrictions are necessary. Seek ways to balance your life in terms of pleasures and responsibilities.

Don’t let your imagination get the better of you.  Friends and people from the past can be haunting reminders of by gone days and mistakes.

Don't turn your back on commitments and traditions entirely. Learn from the challenges you face in 2015. You get support from friends, and even in-laws if applicable this year.