April 2015, SCORPIO Tarot Card Reading: Page Of Wands - be an independent individual and not to depend on others

Oracle prediction for SCORPIO: April 2015, LEO Tarot Card Reading

This Tarot card reveals the answer, the guidance for you to follow to approach your problem or decision in a powerful way.

The meanings and secrets for Page Of Wands Tarot Card

Page Of Wands secrets

A being with a firm start towards his work, is a firm human being with great courage who stands tall and supports and cares for others.

This card also indicates courage required to explore new areas, research and discover firmly with whole stamina and creativity.

April 2015, SCORPIO Tarot Card Oracle This is the beginning of a new work and there must be lot of courage to hold that wand of justice towards one's work.

The wand held is the acquired responsibility for survival with courage, wisdom.
April 2015 SCORPIO Tarot Card Luck Oracle

The who stands like this holding the wand of justice and wisdom always wins because of his courage, that is his attitude towards others, such people are man enough to support others in times of danger and misery when such a talented man is required.

April 2015, SCORPIO Tarot Card Oracle The wand means the power, justice, responsibility, and work, while the man holding the wand would mean a talented man with perfection.

It also indicates an individual who stands firm with perfection upon receiving of any news, message, or information, whether the information is common or special to him.

April 2015, SCORPIO Tarot Card Oracle: Page Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

To remain persistent, a suitable human being, someone compatible, to not to loose your objective, to not to fall, to not to withdraw, to continue your present struggle, to not to loose hope, to remain standing in hot and cold and even in storms, to be proud, a strong esteemed human being with strength to struggle and carry on without a change, to be an independent individual and not to depend on others for anything, to work alone, a Gentleman, an experienced person, one who adventures alone, to be a courageous and a confident person, to harden your heart so that you release yourself from those unnecessary bonds which cling you to those bad people who oppress or suppress you and have enmity hidden against you in their heart.