APRIL 2015 LIBRA HOROSCOPE forecast: building new relationships and bringing existing ones to a new level

Astrology Zone: 2015 Libra Monthly horoscope

For the Libra 2015 will be an incredibly rewarding year. This is your time to shine, Libra, don’t let it go to waste.

You will continue to have the North Node of Fate in your stars for one more year. This is a cosmic and evolutionary push to do your Libra balancing lessons, and to do them well.

You will notice that you are interested in absolutely everything and you want to know even more. In the first half of the year you may meet your future close friends.

Life becomes infinitely and beautifully new.

You're totally coming into you own on all four levels in 2015: self, relationships, home and career.

Libra – Love and Relationships in April 2015

For married couples, it will be smooth sailing in the year ahead, except for some minor ego clashes, resulting from changing priorities and lifestyles.
Wiki APRIL 2015 LIBRA HOROSCOPE forecast

If you are single, the April 2015 love horoscope for Libra predictions that it will be a good year to meet that someone special.

You have always been good at relationships and 2015 won’t be any different.

If you are single and looking for your dream partner, your efforts will bear fruit this year, assures Ganesha.

There is a strong likelihood of you meeting an old school friend through a coincidence, and the friendship will not only be re-kindled, but as you recollect past events, your bond will become stronger and stronger and eventually lead to an emotional and romantic attachment.

APRIL 2015 LIBRA HOROSCOPE forecast Keep the faith though, darling, because all of those experiences, rumination and obsession are showing what you want and don't want.

You've hopefully nipped a lot of co-dependent patterns in the bud last year, but if not, don't worry.

You will find yourself feeling very family-oriented this year and when it comes to friendships, you’d rather concentrate on the ones you already have instead of making new ones.

Despite it all, try to stay optimistic, composed and accepting of the upcoming changes. Then you will be able to avoid losing and emerge victorious from the battle.

The main recommendations of April 2015 horoscope for the rest of the Scales will be primarily associated with their secret fears and enemies.

Be smarter and more cunning; don’t rush your judgment and don’t even think of acting if you are not 100% sure of yourself.

APRIL 2015 LIBRA HOROSCOPE predictions Financial issues will also not continue for long, due to the position of Saturn in second house. You are expected to gain sudden money at times, but this is not the right time to take risks.

As for money, avoid spending it on unnecessary things.

From the period around April 2015 you shall be able to overcome some persistent obstructions.

The phase between May and June will be the most auspicious for financial gains. However, you will have to work much harder to achieve the results you desire.