April 2015 GEMINI TAROT Oracle Reading: Ace Of Wands - advices to accept the lessons and challenges which bring the growth in evolution

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Ace of wands Tarot card has different meanings.

First meaning: is the card of punishment, lessons, and warning described in various divine terms, punishment whether divine or whether earthly; represents the glorious Judgement of the angels.

A bitter divine punishment.

Justice had been done and now the divine punishment is being forced upon the individual. So it appears as it is, the truth Earth is presenting to the reader, it means so because the card pictures itself to the reader with this meaning.

Because the card is sweet and attractive, it doesn't means that it will always have a very valuable or attractive meaning; surely it has, but it also consists of the divine meaning like the other aces.

Hence the possibility of the divine punishment according to the divine justice is worth accepting as a point of view.
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Ace of wands also issues a warning to the reader whether the reader knows what the warning is, or not. Such as a strict warning to not to do any sin or a crime which the individual is prone to do; Or a prophesied warning of the arrival of a bad time or a punishment;

A warning of an approaching threat or a danger; even common warnings such as to stop conflicting or quarrelling with others, and to stop working on a wrong habit.

News will likely be very exciting. If you work on a charity or community project, you may take a leadership position and generate the funds you hoped - the applause for work well done will be considerable.

Your emotions are settling, although you could be experiencing a growing feeling of discontent with recent goals and how they're progressing. This is an important time for prioritizing, reconnecting with nature, and taking some time for comforting activities.

April 2015 GEMINI TAROT Oracle Reading

As depicted in the card, if the warning is not satisfied, the divine punishment will be forced on the individual according to the Justice by the angels or divine spirits.

Redemption is the final solution to a sin committed in the past. After realizing your sin, you must confess it and seek correction. Penance will bring redemption upon completion.

This card also gives a proper meaning in which an individual obtains lessons of life. The lessons of life are hard and bring suffering. They fall the individual into despair, hopelessness, sorrow, and isolation. Although the lessons make him stand again to walk.

One who walks even in bad conditions but as soon as he is exhausted, he sits a while and again starts to walk. This condition happens throughout the life and brings experience, strength, emotionless mentality, glory, bravery, knowledge, and wisdom.

Through these lessons a person falls and then again stands and fights his rivals. He continues to grow in knowledge, experience, talent to finally become perfect.

This is indicated by the falling leaves from the tree bark which is held by the angelic hands depicted in this card's picture. With the time, lessons appear in a seeker's life.

A strong man becomes stronger, and a weak man who learns the lessons will become strong. Ace of wands advices to accept the lessons and challenges which bring the growth in evolution.

The entire picture on the card probably looks too much sweetly unpleasant. Most of the people won't even realize that holding a stick in hands means to punish or warn.

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The sweetness in this picture reminds me of school days when teacher would punish or warn the child while smiling and making expressions.

For example, when one eats high amounts of sugar, he would deny eating more after some time. I am convinced this is the Card which tells something serious.

It appears to be an absolute truth that the Earth herself is warning the reader to leave the path of sin which will eventually turn the individual to have punishment that will be given by angels, spirits, or Earth Gaea herself. This is a special card; all the Aces present some hidden divine meanings.

Second meaning: is the card which can be known as the reminder and alerter; represents an alert or a reminder through divinatory to give news or a command.

Ace of wands might be alerting or commanding the individual to stop doing a work which is useless or unnecessary; a work which is dangerous and threatening; a sin or a crime. Its the individual's responsibility to find out what it is.

The reader must try to find what this card is alerting or reminding about. Ace of wands might be reminding of some rewardable work pending or remains incomplete; An affair left in ruins; A sin which needs to be penanced; that the individual needs to go to his respective religious place and find peace and satisfaction there. An alert through divinatory that something is about to happen in the person's life.

Ace of wands also has a powerful and hidden divine meaning: The hand is white, shining and appears in a cloud. The hand surely belongs to the angel. It emphasizes more towards an elder or a weak man who is protected by a divine spirit or an angel.

A weak human being saved by his own grace, who always believed in angels, and is now protected and preserved in safe hands.

The hand represents the angel and the tree's bark with leaves represents the human being. Because the leaves are slowly breaking and falling from the bark, it surely means an individual in weak or dying condition. This individual will be saved and protected by the Holy Spirit. But there's more.

It might be a reminder or a prophecy from Ace of wands about this individual who is slowly becoming weak. Even in a protective spirit's caring hands, one cannot escape death and old age. Ace of wands might be trying to remind you to support the weak or dying creature and to have honesty and kindness for him in your heart.

Third meaning: is a card of action, wisdom, and experience; represents the glorious work and creativity. In the card's picture, there is a hand holding a straight bark of a tree. Small leaves are still attached to the bark's stems. Some leaves are broken and are falling little by little.

The meaning of a simple wand held in a hand probably means some action, because a wooden stick cannot come in any other use except for any wood related work, such as in battles, burning, in building furniture, to punish someone, to create countless shapes and objects.

Thus wooden bark points directly via the intuitive intelligence of a person to any sort of creative work which also requires craftsmanship.

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This card has something else to tell, an advice being given to the individual to increase his awareness towards the entire world, and there is an urge to let the reader know that wisdom never comes in isolation, the wisdom comes from experience over time; slowly and steadily.

The card is auspicious because it mentions through it's meaning of the arrival of the right time to start a pending work; The work on a project which was left incomplete.

With the replenishment of creativity and intelligence, the individual is again ready to begin the incomplete work once again, to finally complete it and get the reward.

Craftsmanship, energy, creativity, wisdom, experience, grace, opening of the mind, awakenedness, rising enthusiasm and interest in work or a project.

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