TAURUS Horoscope March 1 to 7 2015: Love, Career and Health Prediction - businessmen may get a good lucrative opportunity

As an earth sign, you’re at home in your body and attuned to your environment. Romantic and sensuous, kind and gentle, you’re responsive to comforts of every kind, and your senses are wide open.

TAURUS Weekly Horoscope March 1 to 7 2015 You love slow, languid sex; the textures of silk and velvet (and corduroy); freshly baked bread; fullbodied red wine; nature in all its seasons; and handcrafted objects, which you acquire with ease and never cease to enjoy.

Taurus are in a Karmic cycle now over these matters so listen to your inner voice and take the high road.

This means that you will have the energy, drive, motivation, fighting spirit, anger, or fired up passion to do something about your artistic projects, romantic getaways, spiritual practices, healing, hospital matters, research, and time pulled back from the world to recharge your own batteries.
TAURUS Weekly Astrology Horoscope March 1 to 7 2015

The stars recommend that you try to create a strong foundation from which you can expand later. It is possible that this is also connected with your relationship.

TAURUS Weekly Horoscope March 1 to 7 2015 Do not rush to get to another level, wait a bit and in the end the result will be much better than one you might have hoped for.

Around the middle of the month, businessmen may get a good lucrative opportunity. However, around this time you are likely to be gripped by inertia which may cause some depression.

To keep it at bay, you will have to motivate yourself to comply with your responsibilities sincerely.

A woman may figure prominently into it now for you or you may see that through the Mars action you are taking that Venus's ruling of Love or Income now starts to play out and fall into place through these means.

It is definitely a great period to set time aside behind closed doors for love and to use research and your talents to earn money.

TAURUS Weekly Forecast March 1 to 7 2015 If you do not have your own business and do not occupy a top position, then the first spring month will be great. It is likely that you will not experience any important events at all, except maybe have a few arguments with management or colleagues, but with desire such situations can easily be negated.

Singles Taurus and those already in a relationship, shall have a pleasant time during this period. In fact, love birds can look forward to get an affirmative reply from their beloved, or singles may reveal their feelings to their dear ones.

Taurus can spend this loving day with friends, out with the group for happy Hour or with a past love.

You shall also make extra efforts to increase your income and savings for a better future. Moreover, you may seek new ways to earn more money. However, there is a possibility of missing a good chance, if you act hastily.

TAURUS Weekly Oracle March 1 to 7 2015 You could be fast and furiously completing things.  Some may take a job just to have extra work. Concentrate on your desires and do not pay any attention to competitors, they will definitely not have the strength required to do something bad to you.

Besides, you should be also cautious about the quality and quantity of food you intake during the second fortnight.

This is particularly applicable to individuals who are affected by diabetes. In addition, it is advisable to go for a routine health check up, in order to maintain fitness.