Numerology LIFE PATH Birthday March 1, 2015: Strong inner discontent, sometimes pushing to learn new things


1. Life Path Root number 3 numerology reading

This person has a basis of growth, the need for a foundation in order to fulfill and aim for a greater ideal, seeking truthfulness. "3s" love their own independence, often seek freedom of speech and movement.

Sometimes they are devoutly religious or a committed atheist, because they are questing for truth.

When they are "inner-sure" of definitely finding it (never mind if in God, Divine energy, UFO or whatsoever), they simply insist on their opinion very stubborn.

Life will teach them the hard way, and sometimes over many years, eventually they will re-assess their position and belief .
numerology birth path number 3 reading
Wiki LIFE PATH Birthday March 1, 2015

In the better case, if they are not so much "questing", they  mainly strive to uplift and color their surroundings as most of "number 3 people" are creative, social, optimistic. They often have enthusiasm, imagination, versatility.

If they like the possible change they are thinking about, they are prepared to leave their career and begin their work in new spheres without sentiment.

But sometimes they can be in fear from future seeming insecure for them and their ideas.

2. Maturity in levels (min. value=0, max. value=9)
Mental level: 6
Psychical level: 9
Physical level: 3

3. Level in life periods (min. value=0, max. value=9)
Childhood and youth (0 - 25 years): 4
Middle age (25 - 50 years): 5
Higher age (over 50 years): 0

4. Number 1 numerology reading: 3x
Strong will, reserve, high ambitions, strong feel of longing to reach resolved goals, however sometimes in the vigorous or agressive way.

5. Number 2 numerology reading: 2x
Well balanced emotions, high empaty. Longing for own family.

6. Number 3 numerology reading: 2x
Strong inner discontent, sometimes pushing to learn and search new things and knowledge. Sometimes this person can be heckler and pedant.

7. Number 4 numerology reading: 0x
Not very industry, sometimes laziness regarding both work by brain and by hands. Lack of patience. For good managing own finances a help of somebody is needed.

8. Number 5 numerology reading: 1x
Restless and active personality, efficient, modest, but sometimes rather adventurous.

9. Number 6 numerology reading: 0x
Little stamina and low sexual appetite, lack of interest in money. Sometimes low ability to rejoice, no tendency to optimism. A little worse memory, lack of concentration.

10. Number 7 numerology reading: 0x
Without feeling of destiny or fate - and that is why this personality often hesitate what to do and where to go. Not certain about own decisions.

11. Number 8 numerology reading: 0x
Ability to self-control emotions, strong conscience, often guileless personality. No longing for a "control and command". Ability to concider every situation in peace and act prudently.

12. Number 9 numerology reading: 0x
Lower ability for reaching "higher cognition", misunderstandings regarding mysticism. Sometimes low empathy.