Myths about Zodiac signs: Astrology myths behind zodiac signs from, Pisces to Cancer

Behind every sign, there's a wonderful myth and a fascinating story. Here are the most common myths about signs.

Myths about Zodiac signs: Pisces


About Pisces said to be incredibly dreamy.

Native Pisces can not be rational, because they are always based on instinct.

There are people you can trust can be very easily influenced and are prone to addictions of all kinds, including drug or alcohol.

The Truth about Pisces

There is no evidence that natives born under the sign of Pisces are more likely to be substance.
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Pisces are smart people can focus effectively, and they have incredible power of deduction.

They have a lot of imagination and open mind and, they can easily irritate by those who can not adapt.

Myths of the Zodiac signs: Aquarius


It is said that people Aquarius are cold, passionless, a robotic character.

They are cold and indifferent intellectuals known for extravagance.

The Truth about Aquarius

Their quality of extravagance, can not be denied, but Aquarius are really sensitive person, very dedicated people loved.

Sometimes prefer, however, to hide their vulnerabilities under the guise of indifference.

Myths of the Zodiac: Capricorn


Capricorn natives are known to be very sensitive, practical and dedicated.

The Truth about Capricorn

Capricorn are very ambitious and powerful, although they are very sensitive souls.

Myths of the Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


They say that Sagittarius are happy people, full of energy and enthusiasm. People who are able to overcome by annoying.

They are very competitive and always see the glass half full.

The Truth about Sagittarius

Sometimes it can be gloomy and may display cynicism, but are diplomat people , delicate and very optimistic.

They are idealists and hate half measures.

Myths of the Zodiac: Scorpio


Scorpions are seen as secretive and suspicious people who hold grudges. It is said that Scorpios have a lot of anti-social habits and can be very mischievous.

The Truth about Scorpio

Scorpions are actually forgiving people. Just that they never forgets. Not rude, but their sincerity can sometimes be perceived as such.

Myths of the Zodiac Sign: Libra


It is said that sometimes balances are unable to make decisions.

As before, they decide from the outset. This sign is focused on equality, even when talking about cutting a cake into equal slices, for example.

The Truth about Libra

On the other hand, Libras loves to play the "devil's advocate" and usually weigh situations, analyzing their options carefully.

Myths of the Zodiac: Virgo


About Virgo is said that they are very pretentious and organized. Even obsessed about every detail.

The Truth about Virgo

Virgos can be more sophisticated when we talk about important things.

Sometimes just take things as they are, without feeling the need to impose order.

Myths about Zodiac: Leo


About people under this sign are said to be very self-confident people.

Leo is bold and daring. Lion pays great attention to physical appearance.

The Truth about Leo

Although there is an ounce of truth in all this, natives of Leo sometimes show their human side.

Suffers, struggle, and sometimes fail,.

They always try to remain calm and not to despair.

Myths about Zodiac signs: Cancer


About Cancers people are said to be warm, shy and devoted to loved ones.

They exist only to make others happy.

The Truth about Cancer

Cancer natives prefer a quiet life, but are perfectly capable of involvement in scandals whether are very angry.

They usually represses its own power, because they are scared of what they can.