March 2015 PISCES Tarot Reading: Seven Of Coins - don't rush and don't do swift actions

Tarot oracle can be a great source for meditation and reflection. Ask that the cards reveal to you a special spiritual lesson for the day or help to inspire you to feel more connected to your source and higher self throughout the day. Allow whatever card you pull to inspire you by focusing on the spiritual lessons at play in the card.

Esoteric Wiki: March 2015, TAROT card for PISCES (February 19 and March 20) 

This Tarot card reveals the answer, the guidance for you to follow to approach your problem or decision in a powerful way.

Seven Of Coins Tarot card

To pick the fruits one has grown in the field a time ago; To wait patiently until the crops have been harvested. One who harvests the fruits and food of his farming work after the successful completion of a time-period.

To wait patiently until one's grown crops grow entirely for the harvest season. To come out of inactivity, silence, isolation, and to start an adventure in the world; To begin a new work or a project or a relation with someone.
March 2015 PISCES Tarot Monthly Reading
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To gather the fruits of the conspiracy, a plot, a work, a project, a relation, an endeavour one had laid in the past which is in completion or has completed.

One who waits for the evolution or the growth of an affair, a project, a work, a time-period, a conspiracy, and something which he had put into action a time ago.

To carefully watch, support, preserve, and protect a growing relationship, endeavor, project, plot, conspiracy, business, and to be always ready with the required tools and weapons to gather the fruits when the process is completed.

Tarot card Seven Of Coins Meanings:

Patience, to care for, to nourish, to protect, to await the harvest with patience, to not to start your action before an auspicious time, to not to do actions in a wrong time, to not to do actions too early or too late, to wait for the right time, to gather only those fruits of your labor which have ripened and to leave unripened fruits untouched and ungathered so that they be gathered upon their ripening in the future, to wait for and observe the growth of the subjects or the objects of your focus, don't rush and don't do swift actions, to do your actions slowly and steadily so that no loss occurs, to gather profits with the strategy that you gather no losses, to become warned and aware of a severe approaching loss and attempt to prevent it before it happens.