LIBRA March 2015 Free TAROT Reading for LOVE: Let it happen what is currently happening

After you understand and memorize the pictures of these cards, move on with life. Sooner or later the prophecies made by the Oracle of this Tarot Session might come true and you will live through the signs given by these Tarot Cards.

It is important to consult once and not multiple times. Consult this Tarot Spread with Grace and Seriousness.

This Tarot Spread gives signs of the upcoming events in your near, rarely even in the far future.

Extract hidden meanings and secrets and signs. Understand, Memorize, then watch out for the events you caught from this Card!

Libra March 2015 Tarot Reading: The Star

The pool of water refers to the subconscious or an individual self/soul, and the land refers to the material world, creatures and their weak mortal bodies.
LIBRA March 2015 Free TAROT Love Oracle Reading

The mother Gaea asks the reader to take a break and replenish, regenerate the lost energy of the mind, body, and soul; most importantly: to save oneself from gruesome diabolic forces and animation of the world.

If a person has lost his inner shield, the demonic forces capture him and corrupt him, and they perform horrifying evil from the corrupted and weakened individual; and if he recharges himself by all means, he is then able to resist the temptations, desires, sin, crimes, diabolic patterns, and all evil.

The maiden is naked, it indicates a human being living in a hellish world without the spiritual strength and armor, a divine shield required by oneself to retain his perfection and strength against the evil, the tempter's force, and the crushing force of the world's animation intelligence spirit which corrupts and preys on those who are without this spiritual shield.

LIBRA March 2015 Free TAROT Reading: The water being dropped by the maiden on both pool and land possibly mean:

1. Life, and time-span of the creature, and of soul, and of the universe.

2. Growth of Karma, personality, intelligence of the creature, and of soul, and of the universe.

3. Replenishment and regeneration of the creature, of the soul, and of the universe.

4. Expansion of the creature, the soul and the universe.

5. Evolution of the creature, soul and the universe.

6. Need to save oneself and one's soul from being captured by diabolic and demonic forces, tempter's forces, evil, and the world's crushing Maya. The world's animation force which leads one to do evil and to fall prey to predators, violence, misery, disease, corruption, crimes, and chaos; It is to be noted that everything is animated with precision.

Take an example of a cassette being played to produce the same sound upon looping on itself; playing it endless and in a loop. When the maiden empties any of the jugs she is holding, she puts it back into the pool and fills back her jug; then she begins to slowly drop the water back again into the pool and the land.

When she empties any of jugs, she files them again from any water source such as the same pool of water; and it goes on.

This card reminds a tired human being or a person who is in instability and unrest, to take a break, to take some time and rest, have entertainment, walk in the garden, swim, watch television, eat enough of the good food.

All such playful crazy things with the reason to replenish and regenerate the divine matter and divine water into one's body, mind, and soul.

LIBRA March 2015 Free TAROT Reading As a body needs the blood, it also needs divine blood which in turn is also needed by both mind and soul. Similarly the card tells through a complex but understandable meaning that when a person is tired, his divine form which is represented as the stars in the sky, contract and become weak and unusable; but when the person recharges himself by having good sleep, food, entertainment, his divine form also replenishes and regenerates by the mechanism of divine origin.

Once you understand this, you will realize that inside your mortal flesh body, you have your divine form and the divine matter which builds up the divine form and it's architecture.

With this regard a soul's journey continues as a unique thread in the entire universe, similarly the universe also continues to be a home for all the life and matter. Growth of Karma, personality, and intelligence in the soul gives newer perspective for the soul to live as a member in the universe.

LIBRA March 2015 Free TAROT Oracle Universe also grows by them. Replenishment and regeneration of the soul and the universe renews and recharges them to begin all the animation and time once again. And as the divine matter increases, the soul and the universe expand.

When one takes out the divine matter, the soul and the universe contract, and when again when one puts the divine matter into them, the soul and the universe both expand according to their calculation. This is how creativity, intelligence, and positive come.

When a recharged person performs works, his divine form and matter contract. After this, when the tired person receives time and obtains entertainment, food, and sleep, his functioning returns back to normal and he again receives the divine form and energy.

Some amount of divine water is either taken out or is dropped back into the soul, universe, human beings, and even angels and spirits. This theory is in regards to the spiritual armour which protects human beings and provides perfection.

LIBRA March 2015 Free TAROT Reading, The Star Meanings:

Let it happen what is currently happening and let it pass by to become your past but you must persist in it, patience in currently happening critical event, leave past and carry on yourself into the future, wait patiently until this time or the event ends and then do the action which you left pending, work steadily while you wait patiently for the completion of this work or this event, work while waiting for the auspicious time to come, work patiently, wait for auspicious time which should come in the future, while you await the completion of this event, and while you await for the new dawn, you should also work regardless what happens, a hopeful work, a hopeful event, work with hope and carry on, to work and not to abandon work or a job regardless of what happens and face all obstacles, defaming, mocking's, and insults.